Not So Successful Shopping For a Freezer and Tom’s Fish

Wednesday August 11, 2021 Guerneville CA.

New freezer needed

It seemed like a good idea to see about getting a new freezer today, so it meant a trip into the shopping center areas.

I got up and went out to sit when I realized the rodent trap was set so I needed to check it. Another rat was in there so I did the ceremony.


I think I got out and on my way to the shopping centers around 2 and drove through the city of Sebastopol to get to Lowes after stopping at my bank and depositing my check.trafic


Freezer shopping

This was my first stop looking for a freezer. I wasn’t real sure which size to get as I didn’t know what size the one I had


Not in stock

The one I wanted here had a three month wait, so that wouldn’t do and all the others they had on stock where small ones and I was pretty sure I needed one of the larger sizes.

And not at Costco

So I drove off to my next store but I’d need to go by Costco where I would go later and decided maybe they had freezers so I went there first but no freezers were on the floor, except their big ones.

And not at Home Depot

So Home Depot wasn’t far and I stopped there. I’d found one I thought might work online last night that they had but it wasn’t in the store nor was anything else. But at least the unit I wanted from them should arrive before the end of the month, so I decided to order it online when I got home which I did.

Checking with Tom

When I go home I put the groceries away and then went over to talk with my brother Tom about freezer sizes as he has several of them. I looked at a couple of his freezers and decided to just order the one I saw online and I’d be lucky to get that with the supply problems these days.

Tom catches fish

Tom had been out at Timber Cove at the ocean this morning in his kayak fishing and was successful as you can see.tom


He caught that large ling cod and some smaller rock fish, all very tasty fish especially fresh.

Here’s a closer shot of the


Ordered that freezer

I went back home and ordered up a freezer and then went out in the yard to chair hop.

Young chickens

I checked on the chickens. They were bedded down but when I walked in they jumped up looking for something to eat. I’m still trying to figure out a way to get these young birds to use the roost and get off the ground. I’ve tried putting some of them up on the roost with the older ones at night but so far they just go back to the ground the next night.chicks


Raspberry patch

I have a certain water allotment each day from our spring tanks so I need to be sure and use it. Some of the raspberry bushes in the patch aren’t getting enough water along it’s edges so I added another sprinkler and turned it on.water


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Not So Successful Shopping For a Freezer and Tom’s Fish

  1. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    Part two of the refrigerator saga. By 10 AM had not heard from Lowe’s as to what time the delivery would be today. Called and was told the delivery was rescheduled to Saturday though they never notified me. These days, it’s a whole different world out there .

  2. Arrowhead Gramma says:

    Total understand your problem with getting a freezer. Going through this with needing a new refrigerator/freezer. Finally located one at Lowe’s and though it isn’t exactly what I wanted it will fit the space and that’s the important thing. It was a huge hassle to trying to order it on line and finally called the closest Lowe’s and was able to order it over the phone. It is being delivered tomorrow. Whole different world these days.

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