Old Bridge Clean Up and Making a Dental Appointment

Friday November 18, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Project of the day

I needed to  move these old cement blocks off the old bridge so I could clean it up a little. The bridge is barely used and is an old county road bridge that they abandoned a long time ago, but  my brother uses it to get to his gardens and around the ranch property from his place.cement


Cleaned up

I got the cement blocks moved and loaded up the wheelbarrow with the dirt from the bridge and took it to my garden and dumped it where I thought it would be the most useful.bridge


Once that was done I did some chair hopping resting up and enjoying the day.

Dental appointment

I was thinking of riding up into the hills and doing some trail work but instead I decided to set up an appointment with a specialist through my dentist and figured that’d take the rest of the day to get accomplished.

I made the call to my dentist and yes, it took the rest of the day to get the appointment set up with the specialist guy. I need to have a sore tooth looked at which has been causing me only minor pain.

Teeth clenching

I wasn’t sure I really wanted to  make this appointment as I think the pain might be caused by me clenching my teeth on that side as that’s the side I usually do that on.

I thought I had the clenching under control but it might have sneaked back on me. What I want to do is just  make sure there isn’t anything else going on with that tooth and if so I need to work on stopping the clenching more.

I don’t think the specialist will  find anything wrong with the tooth, but it will cost me about 500 bucks to find out.

I spent the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard with the chickens.

Nice day.

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