One Dead End Road and One Nice Meadow Camp Spot

Friday June 16, 2023 Modoc National Forest CA.

Back to exploring

Looking at the map I found a dirt road that went to what looked like a nice creek, so we headed on down the road to find the creek.road1


The road was mostly pretty good.raod2


But less than 500 feet or so from the creek we wanted to get to, the road stopped with this big tree across it.log3


We took a break where we stopped to make some new plans.break4



We had just crossed this creek before the road ended so stopped here to get some water.water5


We had to back track on that road and when we got back on the main road, I spotted this deer, up ahead. We’ve seen very, very few of them this trip for some reason.deer6


We were traveling down this road when I saw a road sign that said, Canyon Creek RD. A lady was by the turn off getting some water out of the creek there so I talked with her figuring she was a local, which she was.road7


A meadow

She said the road goes down to the creek and there is a meadow down there, which was enough for me to decide to head on down this road to the creek.raod8


The road narrowed down a bit but was good and we got to the creek.raod9


But decided to go back to the meadow we had gone by and found a camp spot here.camp10



This was the meadow view from our camp spot.meadow11



Later in the day, I went for a walk across the meadow and around it taking off across here and then going to the left.walk12


I crossed the small creek that goes through the meadow and headed up the right side of it.creek13



There were some old cabins I walked over to check out. They hadn’t been used in a long while.shed14


It wasn’t a very long walk and I was soon back at our camp.camp15


Nice day.

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