One Of Our Best Camp Spots By the Creek

Wednesday June 7, 2023 Plumas National Forest CA.

Another day of exploring

We broke camp and were on down this road at around 11. We just poke along taking our time enjoying the scenery.road1


We were headed to the creek crossing called Doyle Crossing as we needed to get on the other side of the creek we were exploring to check out the last section for access.

The road was mostly pretty good.road2


These are the first cows we’ve run into. Things are lush and they are eating good.cows3


We stopped to have a look in this creek before moving on to the bridge that wasn’t fair from this spot.marty4


Doyle bridge crossing

We made it to the bridge and crossed it. We are going to explore the right side of it, down this way, looking for access roads which are far between.bridge5


We were surprised to find the road paved up from the bridge.road6


It wasn’t’ long before we turned off the paved road onto this road and knew the creek was down at the end of this big meadow.meadow7


Last Chance Creek Camp Spot 1

We pulled into this spot by the side of the road and were going to camp  here for the night……………But.camp8



Marty got his fishing gear out and tried it out, but they wouldn’t bite. I think they are too full of all the bugs around here. The mosquito problem has subsided to something more tolerable. As you can see we  did start putting our hanky on our head and then our  hat to keep the mosquitos off our necks. That helped a lot.fishing9



After a nap, I walked out this sorta road by our camp that went up along side the creek, to check it out.walk10



I saw something in the water that turned out to be this beaver. It slapped the water and dove but soon returned to the surface.beaver11


I walked up the stream a little further and decided this would be a better camp spot than the one we had by the road.creek12


On the way back, I spotted these willow branches moving on up the creek. Another beaver getting something to eat.beaaver13


New camp spot

It’s easy to move our vans so we moved to this new spot by the trees and the creek where I saw the beaver.camp14


I took another little walk up along the creek just before dark. This is a nice section of the creek with a real nice little camp spot away from the road.creek15


This is were we are spending the night, nice and peaceful.camp16


Tomorrow we plan to explore the last section of the creek.

Nice day.

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