Paddling Around Jenner in the Muddy Water Which Is Good for the Fish

Tuesday November 1, 2016 Jenner CA.

Calling back east

Once I got it going this morning, I called the TBI kit maker as the person I wanted to talk with was supposed to be back from a vacation. They are located back east and there is a three hour difference. I called and the lady said Troy, the guy I wanted to talk with was not accepting phone calls for the next hour and a half. Seems he is trying to catch up on some orders. So, that didn’t work out again.

Off to kayak Jenner

I headed on down to Jenner to kayak for the day. The wind was up a little when I got there, but not too bad, so I put my boat in the water and crossed over the river to Penny Island where I decided to go down and check out the river’s mouth area as I hadn’t been down that  way in a while.

I stopped in this spot by the island for a bit before continuing.river


Ocean’s rough

This is what the open river’s mouth looks like looking out into the ocean. Lots of birds flying around and in the water. It’s high tide and the ocean is rough.mouth


Here’s some of the birds and seals resting on the shore.sealbirds


This is the right side of the open mouth. Lots of seagulls resting here.birds


I sat in front of the open mouth for an hour or so just checking things out as the big waves broke over the jetty rocks as a couple of pelicans fly by.pels


Headed back up the river

Eventually I headed back up the river headed back over to the island. Some birds where resting and preening in the water as I paddled along.upriver


Mostly seagulls and a few brown pelicans. You can see they are busy bathing and preening.birdsup


I made it up to the upper end of Penny Island where I sat around for a bit catching some sun.island


I continued on up along the river’s south shoreline going by this cormorant also getting some sun. Actually it’s drying it’s wings, just in case it has to take off as it sees me approaching. But it does not fly away.cormorant


Napping harbor seal

On that same log there was this harbor seal which only looked up long enough to see it was me and then went back to it’s nap.seallog


I continued paddling up the river taking my time until I got to this spot at Muskrat Nest beach where I stopped and rested for a while.bridge


I decided to cross over the river and go down this grassy area looking for critters and birds along the shoreline.rock


Honking geese

This flock of geese landed honking away as they did.geese


I surprised these mallard ducks which were taking it easy in the grass. Once I saw them, I swung around them wide so they didn’t have to take off.mallards


I continued paddling along the shoreline all the way back to the boat ramp up ahead in Jenner.shoreline


Muddy water is good for the fish

The river is muddied up right now from the recent rains. With the river muddied up, all the fish coming into the river to spawn, or headed  out into the ocean, are mostly safe as when the river is muddy, nothing catches fish, not the birds, not the harbor seals or the sea lions, or the fishermen. It’s the only time the fish are free to move around safely and do their thing. Muddy also means there is lots of water for the fish to move up the river.  So next time you are looking at muddy water and thinking of pollution, realize that this is actually a good time for the fish, despite what most people think.

I put the boat on the car and went on home for the day.  Since I got a late start this morning, trying to make the phone call back east, it was five PM already.

I needed a nap and that was it for the day for another nice one.

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