Paddling Around the Jenner Estuary with Intentions for a Hike

Tuesday February 24, 2015 Jenner CA.

Frost on the ground

There was frost on the ground this morning around my house as I left to kayak at Jenner today.

I got a couple miles down the road when I realized I had forgotten my camera, so I had to return home and get it.

It was a bit warmer at Jenner when I arrived, as with all the water, it doesn’t freeze much and the climate is more moderate most of the time.

The weather guy said it was going to be a bit windy today, but when I arrived, the wind was down and the sun was out nicely. It looked a bit windier down near the river’s mouth, so I decided to paddle on up the river to Muskrat Nest Beach.

This was what it looked like as I paddled along the shoreline, just approaching Eagle’s Landing.riverview


I spotted this grebe fishing as I paddled past.grebe


I continued along until I got up to the Muskrat Nest area where I took a good long break here, looking down the river towards Jenner.river


I could hear the geese honking across the river form me. They honked when alarmed and there was also some honking going on between the geese from what I will call mating rivalry. It seems to be that time of year. I witnessed one good fight but was too slow with the camera.

From Muskrat I paddled across the river to see what birds I might find on the that side by Paddy’s rock.

I went by these cows that seemed to be content resting along the shoreline.cows


I spotted this pair of merganser ducks that got nervous and took to flight as I passed.ducks


Hike intentions

The wind was starting to come up as I paddled back across the river to Eagle’s landing where I was thinking of going for a hike up the hill. I landed and got out of my boat with good intentions for a hike. I decided to sit down on the shore for a bit and the hike never happened. :O)

This was my view from my shore sitting spot at Eagle’s Landing looking across the river to Paddy’s rock.shore


I headed on down the river when I left there and this is what it looked like as I headed for the Penny Island back channel. Note the ducks in front of me, not easy to see in a photo.jenner


Unless one gets a bit closer. A pair of mallard ducks.mallards


There were quite a few goldeneye ducks on the water today. Here’s just a few of them as I headed down the island back channel.goldeneyes


I was dallying near the start of the island back channel when I noticed two ladies paddling my way in their kayaks. We started talking and we shoot the bull for a bit and we both continued on our ways.

Coming out the island back channel down near the down river end, I spooked this great white heron, which hopped up and just flew a short distance and landed again which it’s doing here.egret


Winds picked up a bit

The wind had picked up a bit, maybe to fifteen or twenty miles an hour as I headed for the river’s open mouth area.

I passed by these harbor seals resting on the beach by the river’s mouth. That’s Haystack rock in the background. One can see why it’s called Haystack rock with the yellow lichen on it.seals


The ocean was fairly rough today. You can see the spray it’s kicking up as it hits the jetty on the other side of the sand. A few seagulls and some cormorants where resting on the beach.birds


Open river’s mouth

I could see some surfers playing out in the waves as I looked out the open river’s mouth. It looks like this surfer is about to get creamed by the big wave, but it crashed right in front of him and splashed around him. He just had to lift his board up in the air to keep the water from taking it from him. He’s standing in the shallows on some


I was a still a bit worn out today from my trip to the big city yesterday, so headed on in early, around two PM.

I passed by this great blue heron fishing along the Penny Island shore as I headed on in for the day.heron


I loaded my boat on the top of the car and headed on home with intentions of doing nothing for the rest of the day, except hitting the couch for a nap and that’s what I did.

That was my day.

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