Paddling Jenner with Flashing Lights and a Chopper and I Find the Golf Cart Problem

Friday July 15, 2016 Jenner CA.

Checking on my new engine

I hadn’t heard anything from the guy back east that I ordered my new engine from so first thing this morning, I sent him an email stating I’d expected to hear my engine had been shipped by now and what’s happening with it. He emailed back right away saying they were expecting the engine in today and would get it shipped out on Monday, so that’s good to know.

Off to kayak at Jenner

Having that taken care of, I headed down to Jenner to kayak for the day. It was a little overcast with a light fog, mostly rather pleasant with the wind down.

I paddled across the river to Penny Island and decided to head on down towards the river’s mouth area.

These white pelicans were resting on the lower end of the island as I paddled on by.pels


I saw this seagull hunting for crab in the shallow water. Here it just caught a little Dungeness crab, about an inch across.seagullcrab


I paddle with John for a bit

Just past that I saw John who lives down here putting his kayak in the water. He joined me as we shot the bull and drifted around the mouth area here. John’s in the red kayak.john


Eventually John headed out to go pick up trash at the Goat Rock parking lot and I went over to the river’s open mouth to have a look.

The mouth was open alright. Here’s a few of the harbor seals just in front of the mouth area.seals


I run into Steve

After a bit I headed on across the river towards the back channel of Penny Island. I saw Steve headed the same way, so I joined him and we paddled slowly up the back channel taking our time.

I’m crossing over the river here to the channel towards the right which is pretty much out of sight.river


With the river’s mouth open there is a lot of shore exposed that was covered in water not long ago so there are a lot of little shore type birds feeding along the shoreline. Here’s one of them and there were a lot of little pipers too.bird


We went by these pelicans and geese that were resting on the upper end of the island.birds


Resting at the Old Redwood Log Graveyard

Eventually Steve and I made it to this spot in the old redwood logs were sitting taking it easy.oldlogs


Things are happening right in front of us

When we heard a siren and a chopper coming towards us, we thought they’d go by to rescue someone at the ocean, but no, they stopped right in front of us.chopper


We didn’t hear anything like a crash and couldn’t see what was going on as whatever happened was behind a bunch of trees and on the road, just out of sight.

Chopper lands

They landed and a couple medics went up onto the road climbing over the fence.landed


More emergency vehicles came onto the scene with lights and sirens blearing.

Then I noticed these two guys cutting a hole in the fence.fencecut


They load the guy

We still didn’t know what was going on, but we saw these guys bringing a guy down on a stretcher and put him into the chopper.stretcher



The chopper took off. Later, at home I read where a guy on a motorcycle was rear ended and the car that did it took off leaving the cyclist in critical condition.

I headed on in for the day

Steve headed on up the river and I turned and headed towards the boat ramp going past these white pelicans preening and napping.merganser


It was six PM when I crossed over here to the boat ramp. I’d been out 7 and a half hours and was hungry and tired out as I headed on home for they day.jenner


My brother seems to break his golf carts a lot

At home, a nap was in order then I went outside and puttered around. One of my brother’s golf carts was parked by my carport which usually means it’s broken and he wants some help finding out why. I peeked at it several times as I walked by it while puttering around the yard. I’ve learned from working on his golf carts that the problem is almost always a corroded or loose wire or connector and it just has to be found which isn’t always easy as some stuff is stuffed down where it’s hard to see. After measuring the batteries to make sure they were good, I began to look for the problem, not finding it right away. But I persisted reaching my hand down by the reverse switch and finally felt a burned up connector on the side of the reverse switch, a place I couldn’t see. Just about that time my brother shows up so I showed him the problem and told him to get a new cable with good connectors or repair that one.

By this time it’s almost dark, so I go in for the day and that was my day for a nice one.

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