Painting Brackets, Fueling the Dozer and a Walk in the Forest

Saturday November 18, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Staying home on weekends

Being a weekend it seemed like a good idea to stay home and enjoy the forest a bit as the sun was out.

Brackets aren’t ready yet

I thought I’d mount my radiator cooling fluid add-on on the old Chevy van, but I noticed the brackets I’d made needed another coat of paint so I painted them and hung them over my wood stove to dry as it wasn’t real warm outside today.

Fueling the dozer

I needed to add some fuel to the Bulldozer, so I loaded up the quad runner with that and took off around 1PM headed for the dozer which was parked up the hill.


I was able to get the fuel in the dozer without spilling much of it. I then checked the transmission fluid which is under the seat. The oil level in that was right up to the top, but I did notice a pack rat was starting to build a nest under it. I left the seat off so light would shine in there so I  hope that will deter the critter.dozer1


Ridge top view

Once  that task was complete I rode the bike to the ridge top to have a look. Guerneville is on the right and Santa Rosa is over the hills in the background.guerneville2


Walk in the forest

Instead of going for a ride today I thought a walk through the forest would be good so I rode down the hill a little ways and started a walk through the woods in this spot.forest6


I got on this old road and followed it a ways.trail4


Old  roads are easy to walk on

Down through here.trail5


Too early for mushrooms

And here. I watched for any wild mushrooms but I think it is still a bit early in this spot.trail7


I looped around and came back to where I had the bike parked and hopped on and headed down the hill.

Checking our spring water tanks

I always check our spring water storage tanks when I go by to see how full they are.tanks8


They appear to be full as can be seen by this water showing the overflow pipe is running and the tanks are full.water9


Let her rip

I took off down this road at a fairly good clip as it’s fun to let it all out once in awhile.road10


Any apples left on the trees

Eventually I popped out into our old apple orchard, so I looked for an apple.orchard11


It’s late in the season for apples, but you never know. Some of the apples here are what’s called winter apples. If you are lucky enough to find one, they are crispy, sweet and real fruity.

I was real lucky and found two right down low enough for me to pick them. Delicious.apples12


Another day gone

I continued on home where the sun was down and the day was cooling off. I looked at the brackets I painted before I left. They seemed to be dry, but the day was gone, so they can keep for another time before I install them.

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2 Responses to Painting Brackets, Fueling the Dozer and a Walk in the Forest

  1. Enjoyed the day on the top of the mountain in Dry Creek at my friend’s cabin. Wish I would have brought my camera. The valley floor was beautiful with yellow and golden grapevines. I didn’t realize you were riding a motorcycle. I’m sure back in the 60s those mountain trails were covered with dirt bikes and cousins.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    What a great day! You sure have a lot of ‘toys’, dozer, 4 runner, bike, yak. Enough to keep yourself entertained for days!
    Those apples look wonderful! I can almost taste them.
    What a lovely trail to walk on.

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