Peaceful Day With Harbor Seals and Ducks While Paddling Jenner

Sunday December 18, 2016 Jenner CA.

Warmer at Jenner

It was chilly out as I got it going this morning. I knew it would be warmer at Jenner. All that water tends to keep things warmer, so off I went.

The sun was out and the wind was down as I put  my boat in the water. The water was still real muddy from the recent rains, but there wasn’t much current as it was going to high tide so the water was getting backed up a bit.

Headed up the river

I decided to go up the river on the north shoreline which I don’t often do.

I paddled along here moving up the river at a slow pace, looking for wildlife.egret


Ducky’s ahead

There were a few birds along the way. I passed by these ducks taking it easy in the sun.ducks


And almost up to the bridge, I spotted these mallard ducks and some cattle grazing away.ducky

Sat by the bridge

I paddled up to this spot just under the bridge on highway one and sat here for a bit, then started back down the river.bridge


I headed down the south shoreline. Some of it had the sun being blocked by the hill, so I moved down a ways to this spot I call Muskrat where the sun is always shining. I sat here taking in the warm sunshine before moving on down the way.sunspot


Fat harbor seals

Just above Penny Island I went by these two seals, Coco and Pops taking it easy on an old redwood log.pops


I left the seals and continued on down picking up the island here.island


I run into Ken in his boat

At the top end of the island I ran into Ken who has a house down this way and was picking up some trash. I followed him back to his place shooting the bull on the way.

Here’s Ken at his boat house taking out his boat.ken


Russian River’s mouth is open open open

I continued on down headed towards the river’s mouth area. I saw John, who lives down by the mouth, so went over to talk with him a bit. He’s having some pretty serious heart problems so I listened to his latest news on the subject before continuing on.

The river’s mouth is open wide to the north, about twice as wide as what it is most of the time.river


Safer in the river

Even though it was high tide and the current is less, I  don’t get too close as I value my life. The river is much safer than the ocean.

I stay in the river and only look out into the ocean through the open mouth.mouth2


I didn’t stay too long as it was late in the day. I paddled back to the bottom end of Penny Island where a bunch of harbor seals are usually hanging out and spent some time with them.

Here’s one of them checking me out.seal


On the way to the boat ramp, I could see a bunch of ducks in the water. Mostly buffle heads, I


Not really in a hurry to leave

I was headed in but in no hurry, so I sat in this spot for a spell before going to the boat ramp, just up ahead.ramp


I finally hit the boat ramp and got my car and loaded my boat and drove on home for the day.

And that was my day.

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