Peeps Hatching Out, Bulkhead Work and Barry Helps Me Set the Water Line Right

Saturday September 14, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Three new peeps

I went out to the chicken pen to see how the new peeps were doing and to feed and water them.

I found they had three of them today.

I put some water and feed out for them to eat.peeps


Here’s a little closer view of the new guys chowing down.chicks


Barry’s going to help me out

I fed and watered the other chickens and then did some metal cutting on the bulkhead project until my brother Barry arrived in his truck.

He came by to help me put the right slope in the new spring water line where it leaves the spring box. I don’t have much room for a good down slope so it needs to be measured to get it right so the water flows down the pipe properly and doesn’t stop up. He used to be a surveyor before he retired so I  had the right guy for the job.

Rode up to the job

We rode the quads on up the hill to where I was working and he sighted with a sight level while I held the tape measure until we got the water line just right. Now I just have to bury it a bit where it crosses the road.

We rode on home after that and Barry soon left for home.

Peeps need an elevator

I checked on my new peeps and found the three new peeps were out of the nest and on the ground with one of the mother hens. Now they can’t get back up to their nest except for the elevator that is. I caught them one at a time and put them back in the nest for the day as it was evening. They stayed and didn’t jump down again.

Back to work on the bulkhead job

After a good break I went back to work on the bulkhead removal.

Just before dark I got it down to this. I had to put a rope on it to keep it from falling over and also propped it up with one of the pieces of channel I cut off. I need to cut the pipes without it falling on my head. :O)bulkhead


That was a pretty good day. I didn’t really work that hard so my body isn’t  rebelling so much which is a good thing. I do try to pace myself on these projects but my minds pace does  much better than my body’s pace these days. At my age my mind is more capable of doing hard work than my body is. :O) Just the way life is, I keep trying.

Nice fall day.

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