Pelicans, Biologists and Seals Kayaking in the Russian River Estuary

Wednesday August 27, 2014 Jenner CA.

I could see it was overcast before I arrived at Jenner and put  my boat in the water, but the wind was down, so it looked like it would be another nice day kayaking Jenner.

I could see some of the white pelicans resting on logs near the east end of Penny Island so I headed on over that way and approached them cautiously so as not to make them fly off. They should be getting use to me coming by most every day by now.pelicans


They didn’t fly off and just sat around preening.whitepelicans


There were also the usual merganser ducks on a log, close by.mergansers


I worked my way on up to eagles landing where I sat for a bit.eagleslanding


I could see the fish tracker guys up ahead in my spot where I was going and so could the seal watching them. I took my time and they moved out of my spot and out into the river tracking fish they had tagged earlier in the week.bioseal


I continued working my way up the river and stopped at this spot I call dead deer gulch. The water is fairly calm here so I stayed awhile.jenner


Anchored Biologists

The biologists anchored their boat across the river from me, so it was a chance for me to catch up to them and exchange some information. They were tracking some fish and getting the data recorded for later analyzing. Their batteries in the fish transmitters only last from ten to fifteen days, so they are out tracking everyday until the batteries go dead, then they tag some more fish.

The fish tracking boat anchored, as I approached.biologists


I chatted quite awhile with them, then left them to it, as they went off up the river to do some more tracking.

I left and started back down the river for the day.

I passed the remaining pelicans that I went by earlier, which had moved to the gravel on the east end of Penny Island.  Note they are in nap stage now, done with the preening.pelican


I paddled on down the island back channel and came out on the west end were these harbor seals where frolicking in the water, checking me out as I went by headed for the river’s mouth.seals


It was just past high tide as I approached the mouth area and there was still some water coming into the river from the ocean, as I sat and looked out.mouth


Most of the birds seemed to be hunkered down, even though there was no wind. Maybe because of the overcast day? Mostly seagulls and terns.tern


I sat there in the river’s mouth for about an hour watching, then headed on back toward the take out.

Seagulls eating crab

The seagulls were in the same place on the north side of Penny Island catching crabs, just like yesterday. This one is one of same ones I saw yesterday, as it catches a crab and goes over to eat it on a certain log. Not all seagulls are good at catching these small Dungeness crab, but this one catches one, goes to eat it on it’s log, then comes back and right away catches another. Most of the seagulls aren’t this good at catching them.

I actually pulled up yesterday and asked this one to show me it’s stuff and it did, by repeatedly catching crab. I was impressed.

The seagull with a small crab in it ‘s beak that it just caught.seagull


I continued on in for the day and went on home.

Van engine oil tube extension

I had a short nap and some coffee, then went out and finished off the engine oil tube extension I started to make for my van yesterday.

Here are the parts, left is the original oil breather and cap to fill the oil. I’ve modified it by grinding off the metal top and making some little tabs to hold the parts.

To the right are pieces I machined on my lath to fit the old breather. The right most piece is the new top that screws on. The pieces where made for an electrical conduit fitting I bought for the purposeoilfiller


I epoxied the whole thing together, both inside and out, with pipe epoxy that comes like a putty that you mix with your hands, then apply and wait about ten minutes and it’s good to go.

I then made a little wire thing to keep from losing the cap if I forget to put it back on. I’ve lost too many caps and learned to put a connector on them to not lose any more. Something about older age doesn’t help much either.

Here is the part I made and in place on the van engine. You can see it’s extended up quite a bit, so it should be a lot easier to fill, without a funnel.


Now, I need to take my heater hoses off to get some new ones as they are old and need replaced. I can’t take any chances of problems happening while I’m out traveling around the desert. That means I have to drain the radiator so I’ll do that some other time.

A couple more things to fix, then I’ll be off on another trip, I hope.

I spent the rest of the day puttering around the yard until it got dark, when I came in for the night.

Nice day,

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