Pink Ribbon Water Gauge and Trail Work Exploring

Sunday July 3, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Chair hopping day

I mostly chair hopped around the yard today, until about 4 when I hopped on the dirt bike and rode up into the hills to explore the trail where I was working.

Pink ribbon water gauge

I stopped at our water tanks to make a short video of how that pink ribbon works to measure the water level in the tanks, since a couple of commenters wanted to know how it works.

The pink ribbon is tied to a lead weight that is on a cord that goes to the top of the tank.tanks1


The cord goes through two pulleys and the cord goes into the tank to a redwood board that floats on the top of the water.pulleys2


When the pink ribbon is at the bottom of the tank the tank is full of water and when the ribbon is at the top of the tank the tank is empty of water. Simple.

Here’s the video I made of it.

Riding up the trail

Video of today’s trail explore

Nice trail

I continued on up the trail headed to the trailhead where I was working.trail3


I did stop and move this old log off the road on the way.log4


And I parked here on the ridge top where the trailhead


Old trail goes through here

I wanted to walk out the old trail to see where and how it goes. I decided to shoot some video of the process of exploring and went through here as that’s where the old trail goes.trail5


I had to hunt for the old trail in some spots as not many animals have used it in years it looks like. And trees have grown and falling blocking parts of the trail.trail6


Far enough

I made it this far and decided that was enough exploring for one day. I needed to come back to see where it went from here as I think I need to make an adjustment in the trail here as it goes down steeper than I want.trail7


Resting up

I made my way back to the trail head and sat in this chair and enjoyed the view resting up after the hike out the trail.chair8


How many trees

Looking out I was thinking how many trees grow in a forest. A lot, too many to count.tree10


The day was pleasant around 7PM so I sat and enjoyed it until I headed on home.trees9


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Well, again I am filled with admiration to the simple, smart solutions you come up with. Such as the chicken exit device, and of course this one, the pink ribbon device.

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