Plans Change Again, So I Change Clothes

Monday November 13, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Plans change

It was cool out today, so I put some lighter clothes on as I’d planned to do some trail work up in the hills but when I looked out the window my brother Barry was there with his dirt bike.

I went out and fed the chickens and told Barry to give me a minute so I could change into some warmer clothes which I did.

I put some gas in the bike and we were off stopping to get a couple of apples to eat later up in the hills.

We rode all around for about an hour going up and down and around and around. Then we rode up this ridge heading for the top of the hills where we usually take a a good break and just enjoy the day.road1


Hill top break area

Our usual break area on the hill top.top2


And the clouds were putting on a show up in the sky.sky3


After a good break we took off again going down this road, likity split.road4


I let Barry go first as he likes to ride faster than I do and his bike has more power than the one I ride.barry5


After a couple of hours riding we’ve had a good ride and gotten plenty of exercise. We get plenty of exercise because we ride in the hills which aren’t flat and it takes a good deal of exercise just to stay on the seat and on the bike.brush6


We headed back to my house and Barry took off for his house.

I had some stuff to do that I was planning to do,………But.

The nap won out.

Darn squirrel

After a good rest I went outside for awhile looking around. That darn squirrel is eating lots of my avocados and looking at the tree ,I don’t think I’ll be able to keep it out of the tree as there’s another tree next to it that it can jump from into the avocado tree.

Pineapple guavas

He hasn’t found the pineapple guavas yet, but I did. They are just starting to get ripe and are pretty good.guavas7


Quad battery

Since my quad runner battery died the other day, I put the charger on it for a few days. So now, I’ll check the voltage and see if it will stay charged or not. I’ll do this for a few days to see if the charge holds or not. I don’t remember the battery being that old so I was surprised it had died. Maybe it was just a loose cable so I tightened them up.quad8


Darn, I had to have crab for dinner again tonight. If you want fresh crab you have to eat it while it is fresh. I pigged out again. Yummy.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    More good eats for you, and the squirrel.

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