Plans Change So the Toyota Got Pressure Washed

Wednesday September 20, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Some rain changes the plans

The plan for today was to head on down to Jenner to kayak for the day. But when I got it going I heard the rain coming down so that was out.

Moving on  to the next plan

So plan B was to stay home and get some stuff done.

I put the pressure washer back together. Now that it was together and I finally  had a washer that worked I could now pressure wash  my old Toyota Land Cruiser in the background there.washer


Pressure washer seems to be fixed

The pressure washer worked fine and never skipped a beat.

The Toyota cleaned up nicely for an old vehicle. The paint looks better than I thought it would. Lots of dings in the paint but the paint that is left still looks pretty good.

Moving to the next steps

So it looks like I can get on with the mechanical stuff that needs done once I figure out where I want to start.

Electrical help

My brother Tom came by and wanted me to look at an electrical problem he was having in one of his houses so we rode over there and I had a look. Turned out it just needed a new circuit breaker and all would work.

I also spent some time hauling brush piles that I had cut in the yard pruning, to the brush pile. And I spent some time trimming wild blackberry vines back, a never ending task.

That was my day.

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