Putter Day and Picking Up the Soaker Hoses

Wednesday January 8, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Puttering around day

I started to work on getting the heater stuff back in my van but I ran into a small snag. I  needed some hardware screen to block the heater vent area to keep the rodents out. I hunted all through my junk but couldn’t find anything that would work nicely so I gave up on that for now. I need to get some at the store.

I wasn’t inspired to do much of anything today so I did a lot of chair hopping.

Picking up pipe

Eventually I thought I’d at least start on getting all these irrigation pipes picked up and out of the raspberry patch. The sprinkler pipes aren’t needed anymore as I use a rain bird to cover the whole patch. The pipes are really soaker hoses.

I had to work around the chickens, but they get out of the way if stuff starts to move around.pipes


I didn’t think I’d get it all picked up today but I started by pulling the pipe down to this end of the patch so I could deal with it.pipe


Roll it up

I put it all in rolls to get it under control. Now what to do with it. Hang the rolls on the fence I think but I didn’t get that done.piperolls


My helpers

Once I had the pipe out of the patch the chickens went back in and dug around looking for bugs and seeds.chickens


Springs coming

It wasn’t long before the day cooled down and so I went in for a nap and that pretty much was my day. At least I got the pipes out of the raspberry patch now I can dig up some plants I have in another spot and transplant them into this patch which I need to do soon as spring will be popping before you know it.

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