Puttering Around the Yard Eating Apples and Peaches

Friday September 8, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Hung out in the yard today

I didn’t have anything planned for the day so I mostly just puttered around the yard today thinking about projects I need to do.

Apples are getting ripe

A bunch of my apples are getting ripe so I ate some of them today.

Here’s some yellow delicious apples.apple1


Not sure what these are, but they are good.apple3


And these are called Roman Beauties a real tasty apple.apple4


And I have a late peach tree that is ripe now so I ate some of those.peaches


They are a tasty peach and nice now because they are late as most peaches are early and already gone.peach


I ate more than my share of peaches today. Yummm.

Some string beans too

Just before dark, I thought some green beans would be good so I went over to my brother’s garden and cleaned up the beans on one of his older bean vines. I put them in the pressure cooker for a couple minutes and they are sure good too. Yummmm.

That was my day.

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One Response to Puttering Around the Yard Eating Apples and Peaches

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Wow, so it was a day of munching delicious fruit! I’m jealous of your apple and peach trees. They do look yummy! The apple trees I have are unnamed and although good, are usually small and hard to find them without scars and spots.

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