Puttering Chair Hopping and Digging Some Tatters

Saturday September 23, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Another putter day

I stayed home today and puttered around in the yard mostly. The wild blackberry vines are getting ahead of me popping up most everywhere in the yard. So I spent a good deal of time cutting some of them back.

Rack bolted on

I finished putting the van’s roof rack back in place a tightened it down, so that’s ready to go.

Harvesting tatters

Towards evening I decided to dig up some potatoes from my potato patch. Most of the dirt was nice and soft so it was easy digging for the tatters, although some weeds had taken a sturdy hold and gave me a work out.

Here’s where I dug up the tatters.patch


And here’s the tatters ready to be washed up.tatters


Making soup

I saw my brother Tom next door so I went over to see about getting some broccoli he said he was going to harvest.

I got some broccoli and a small head of cabbage. I went on home and cut it all up and put it in  my slow cooker for soup with some of the tatters too and other vegetables.  Vegetable soup for later. Yummm.

I spent the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard.

And that was my day.

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