Quartzsite, Looking Around

Friday, Feb. 15, 2013, Quartzsite, AZ.

I’m here in Quartzsite, taking it easy.

Recapping, I made it to Quartzsite around two pm yesterday afternoon, after spending a restful night near the Congress, AZ. cemeteries.

After I made my post at the local McDonnell’s, I headed out to the north western part of town, where I had seen a couple of desert type roads heading out away from town on the maps, which I thought might be a good place to camp for the night.

It as still light, but I was having a hard time finding them, until I came to the end of the pavement and jumped over a berm to get on one of the dirt roads. There were a few RV’s parked just off the road in this area, so I headed out  past them, which is my  habit.

The road was firm, so I drove out it about a quarter of a mile and just parked on a big rocky place overlooking the town and far enough away form the I 10 highway and the trains.

I made some dinner and watched as the lights in town slowly went out as people went to bed and mostly only the street lights could be seen after about ten pm.

I was up around 8:30 this morning.

It was fairly warm last night, I didn’t need the heater and this morning I almost didn’t need a blanket. I got up and did all the stuff one has to do to get started for the day, and I just sat around until about noon and enjoyed the desert.

Around noon, I headed out to visit Marty and Patti. They were home because their jeep was at the garage getting some work done.

I needed to find a CB radio for my van, so Marty and I took the van to some truck stops and had a look at what they had to offer.

After looking at radios, we drove over to the Dome Rock area to have a look around as it was a free camping area that a lot of RVer’s use, but not particularly to my liking. I did decide to go back and buy one of the radios though, so that is what we did, as that was on the way to a place Marty wanted to show me on the north eastern side of town for camping.

The place was ok, but I thought a bit farther out than the place I stayed last night, so from there I showed Marty where I stayed on the north western side of town, which I thought was the closest for camping out near town.

We went back to Marty’s after that and crashed for awhile and had dinner.

So, I drove back out to the area I was using for camping. It was dark by now and I decided to try one of the desert roads I’d missed coming into this area last night.

I found one of the roads and took off on it in the dark, Oh, oh, lots of little four wheelers left, got stuck in the sand marks. Don’t slow down or you might get stuck, so I keep it moving until I got to a place I wasn’t’ sure which way to go, after traveling about a half mile.

OK, camp here, so I did and had a nice nights sleep.

Looking around this morning, I see I’m almost out of this road to a better one just up ahead. I think I’ll put it in four wheel drive, just in case.

I’m headed over to Marty’s and I should be able to post this at Mac’s on the way.

We are going on a little jeep ride for the day, somewhere?

I made it out of there without too much trouble, but on the way out, I saw a sign that said day area, no camping, Oh well? Who’s going to catch me out there.


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