Rain, House Work and Recovering the Dozer Keys With a Dirt Bike Ride

Friday November 13, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining lightly as I got it going this morning. Too wet to get outside and do much of anything today so I stayed in the  house and did some  housework.

Lost dozer keys

While I was doing some washing I emptied my pants pockets intending to wash the diesel soaked pants from yesterday when I realized I’d lost my dozer keys somewhere as they weren’t in those pants. I checked a couple times and they just couldn’t be found.

Since it was still raining I continued with some house chores and did a bit of napping too.

Just before dark I checked the rain and it had just stopped but the trees were still dripping.

Looking for the keys

I put on a heavy coat and jumped on the dirt bike to ride up into the hills where the dozer was parked to see if I could find those keys.

Being the first real rain all the soft dirt from the forest fire’s dozing was real wet and soft, so I spun out a few times getting to where the dozer was but I made it ok.

Found them

I looked on the dozer where I was putting the fuel in the locked fuel tank and there they were, the keys right where I left them on top of the tank.

Good to recover those keys for sure as otherwise I’d have to get some made from my brother’s set.

Warm house

It was a bit cold and some water was still dripping off the trees so I headed on home to a warm house.

Extra food for the chickens

It wasn’t long before it got dark and the chickens had been in most of the day instead of out grazing so I gave them a couple extra scopes of food which they gobbled up and closed up the chickens pens on the way out.

Good to get that rain, the first real rain starting this years rainy season.

Nice day, especially after I recovered those dozer keys.


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2 Responses to Rain, House Work and Recovering the Dozer Keys With a Dirt Bike Ride

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Geez…want something lost?…Give it to me……Want to find something?..I am the one…
    Keys are just errg with me…I have spares everywhere…The main spot is in my wallet for my truck key..
    I think it must be a genetic thing…Gotta blame someone, and my parents are no longer on this planet……Maybe?..
    Ride-Doze-on Bob…(;+)………..

  2. Nancy K says:

    Been there, done that. Hate it when I lose keys, which seems to happen more often than I would like!!

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