Rain Today With Raspberry Pi and Chickens Graze in the Rain

Friday January 11, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Drizzling with showers today

That’s what I heard when I woke this morning, drizzling so I stayed in bed a bit longer to enjoy. I’m cat sitting for my neighbors so the cat wanted out and that is what got me up and going for the day.

Grazing in the rain

After coffee, I dawned my rain jacket and went out and opened the doors of the chicken’s pen to let them out to graze in the rain. They liked that and were all out quickly some flying on out.

I put some feed in their feeders but not too much as they would get lots of stuff outside grazing today.

Not an outside day

I thought about doing some jobs outside but between the drizzles and the showers and the coolness of the day I went back in the house.

Learning about Raspberry Pi

My computer screen had a bunch of tutorial type videos on the screen I selected to watch last night so I started in watching them. I wouldn’t say they are real exciting so I about fell asleep once or twice and had to do a nap but I did learn a bunch of stuff.

I was mostly checking out what they call Raspberry Pi boards which are small computer boards that can be programmed to do most anything. I was taught several computer programming languages back in the 1970’s so at least I was familiar with some of the stuff they were showing me.

Things have improved

It does seem they’ve made programming a bit easier in this modern age compared to the old days. A lot of it can be done by just copying and pasting someone else’s work which should make the process of putting together a robot tank a bit easier on me and there certainly is much more information on the subject available today because of the internet.

Chickens like the rain

I’d go out and check on the chickens every once in awhile. When it would shower harder they’d all go back into their covered pen and sit until it slowed down again. They seemed to do ok in the rain.

Between the videos and the rain I got sleepy

Around five I was too warn out from watching the screen and just couldn’t keep my eyes open so I hit the nap area again for a long one. That might have had something to do with the rain too.

I went out and shut the chickens in for the night  just before that nap. All was well with them and that was about it for me today.

Learned a few things today.

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