Rained Out Kayaking at Jenner, CA.

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013, Jenner, CA.

The day started out nice, but.

Got an email from Ray, saying he was going to Jenner today and would meet me there.

The weather was good, it was calm with an over cast of clouds, but not too bad when we put in at the visitors center boat ramp around eleven in the morning. Ray said something about rain, which I wasn’t aware of, as I didn’t check the weather report today, before leaving. We paddled across to Penny Island. The water was fairly flat when we started.

A biologist was putting his boat in the water.

There was a biologist guy launching his big boat at the boat ramp, which I knew, so  I talked with him a bit about the fish coming up the river this year, just before we put in.

As Ray and I sat across the river at the island, we noticed he seemed to be having some kind of problem with his boat.

A sea lion was checking the biologist out.

  While we were watching, we heard and saw a big sea lion surface real close to his boat and bark. Only thing I could think of was the biologist must have had fish smell in his boat for the sea lion to acting and barking like that.

The biologist messed around over there for awhile, with the boat,then put his boat back on the trailer and left. Never did hear his boat motor running, so we figured it must of not wanted to start.

Get a kayak, no motor. :O)

We watched the sea lion go by.

Ray and I sat by the island for a half hour or so. We watched a big sea lion leap by us going up the river. I say leap, as that is how they go through the water, they leap, sorta like a porpoise does.

We slowly started working our way up the river a bit toward Eagle’s Landing. The fog was coming in as we were doing this and it turned to a light drizzle which was all right, but………………….. it looked like it was going to rain.

Some big ol geese were on the water too.

As we paddled by the east end of Penny Island, some geese where taking it easy there as you can see below.

canada geese


The sky became more threatening as we paddled up the river as can be seen in the photo below of the up river view.

Jenner river view 1


The fog came in and it got even more threatening as can be seen from the picture below.

jenner river view


The seals were having a feast on the big fish.

Some seals broke the water across the river from us with a big fish. I went over to try and get a photo, but the drizzle was turning to a light rain and it was a bit wet for my camera and in fact I was getting a bit wet too. I had my rain top on, but not the pants. No pictures this time as the camera had to be put away.

Ray and I continued up the river as we were almost to eagle’s landing and I was hoping to get under the big trees there to get out of the rain, but the tide was too low so the water didn’t go under the big trees, so we got a little wet, but mostly cold from getting a little wet.

We didn’t think the rain was going to stop,…….. but.

We decided it was likely not going to stop raining for awhile and decided to head in. Of course, on the way in, the rain did stop and we decided to go down the back side of Penny Island.

And we didn’t count on the wind coming up either.

But, as we were doing that, the wind came up and it was a bit cold, as we were both a little damp, so we back tracked back around the east end of the island and headed back to the visitor’s center boat launch area and called it a day.

We didn’t stay out as long as we had hoped, but it was still a good day. Sure beats being stuck at home in the house all day.

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