Raining, Another Rainy Day Ride in the Forest

Saturday December 31, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It doesn’t look like I’m going to get a phone line repair until Monday, so no internet until then. Fortunately, I can post at my neighbor’s place, next door to my place.

It was still raining at noon today but was supposed to let up around 2.

I fed the chickens and gave them a bit more rations since it was raining, not that they need it as they are well fed with what I feed them and what they get in my yard.

The rain did let up around 1, so I got suited up for rain. I found the other better pair of rain pants and put them on hoping they’d keep me drier than the pair I wore yesterday and they did.

Well, so much for the weather guys, it was raining lightly when I left just before 2. I was dressed for it, except I should of put on some gloves as my hands were real cold from the dampness in the air.

Anyway, I rode on up into the hills going by the neighbor’s on the left of our property to see how the ditching I did yesterday held up. Everything looked real good there.

I continued on up the hill to the tops.

West view

Looking out towards the ocean, just over these hills. Light rain and starting to pick up.view1


Rain’s picking up

Another view of the hilltops to the west from another spot. I have to be careful of getting my camera wet now as the rain is picking up some. It’s not raining real hard but seems to be increasing as time goes on.viewwest2


Heading over to check out a creek crossing

I headed down this road to check out a creek crossing I repaired on a neighbor’s place last summer to see how it was doing so I headed down this road to get there.road3


Tree down

I got a couple hundred yards from the crossing and ran into this downed tree. I felt the creek crossing would be fine without me seeing it, so turned the bike around and headed back the way I had come.tree4


Out-sloped roads

I rode around the property for an hour or so just checking things out and mostly just enjoying myself as the roads on our place are done right and drain well with very little erosion problems, not like the neighbors.
They are what they call, out-sloped with no ditches, so all the water just flows across them without doing any damage. Its’ the only way to do them up here if you don’t want them to wash out.

Headed to the waterfall

With all this nice rain, I figured the little waterfall should be doing quite nicely so I headed down this trail that goes to where it is, down through the redwood trees.trail5


I came to this creek crossing and had to stop. This is a really beautiful area.creek8


I walked down to the creek and removed those sharp sticks out of the way and out of the creek.sticks7


Up this way

Just past that creek is the turn off for the waterfall, going up through here. It’s raining pretty good now, so I have to be quick with the camera to keep it from getting too wet. I’m also having a big problem with the lens fogging up.trail9


I rode up that trail and turned around and parked here, just below the waterfall, which is behind that big tree.bike10


My view as I walked up to check out the waterfall.fall11


It’s not a big waterfall, but it is scenic.falls12



Our little waterfall. It can get a lot bigger when it really rains. It can rain real hard in these mountains and it does sometimes, but it hasn’t in a long time, the drought, you know.waterfall13


The rain had picked up a bit and I was getting cold so it was time to head on home for the day.

I gave the chickens a bit of extra feed and closed them in for the day and went on in and got all the wet stuff off and since my Instant Pot had finished while I was gone, had some nice beef stew. My brother said he would bring over a crab for me to eat a bit later.

I’ll get this blog posted over at my neighbor’s place again and check my email too.

Nice rainy day.

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3 Responses to Raining, Another Rainy Day Ride in the Forest

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I bet the forest smells Wonder in the rain.

  2. Nancy K says:

    Looked like you guys were getting a lot of rain. Several areas of flooding down in the valley. No waterfalls here, but my flower gardens look like swimming pools. Happy New Year!!

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