Raining, Shopping and Helping My Brother With His Computer

Wednesday February 8, 2017 Guerneville CA.

A rainy day is a shopping day

It was raining lightly this morning as I got it going, just like the weather guys said it would be.

And with the Russian river up real high at flood stage, I didn’t think kayaking would be much fun anyway so I decided to get some shopping type stuff done, just to get it over with.

I wasn’t real sure I could get out of Guerneville to get to the shopping area in Santa Rosa, but all the roads seemed to be open so I made it.

Headed over to Santa Rosa to shop

My first stop was Costco. Other than food, I was still looking to get some new warmer shirts as the ones I’ve got now are shredding as that’s what happens to favorite shirts after wearing them for several years. But that wasn’t to be at Costco as they had already switched to summer stuff, so I mostly just bought food. I did pick up some new reading glasses as I seem to never have enough of them around when I need them. It’s one thing you can never have too many of.

Sports Authority was gone

I knew there was a Sports Authority store in the same shopping center so I headed over there, but no shirts there either and no store either.Apparently they have gone out of business. I gave up on shirts for now, maybe I’ll find some when I go up to Oregon later this spring.

Headed over to Cash and Carry

My next stop was Cash and Carry I think it is called. It was a short drive over to that store. My plan was to buy some calamari steaks as I knew they were corn free. I knew where they were, but they had a big walk in freezer there too, so I went into it to have a look around. Boy was that cold. Made me appreciate those that are having a cold winter this year. I found some big boxes of fresh frozen rock fish that were frozen on the boat at sea which in my opinion are fresher than what they call fresh fish that’s actually been around for a week or so.

I bought a big box of the rock fish and a box of calamari steaks.

I can only handle a little shopping at a time

I had some plans to do some more shopping, but I can only handle a little shopping at one time so I headed on home.

Trying to help my brother with his computer

I had just gotten my stuff put away when the phone rang. It was my oldest brother Mike that wanted some help with his computer that had been crashing. His compute has been crashing a lot since he built it a year or so ago and nothing has helped the problem so far. We needed to update his computers bios to hopefully stop the crashes, but he’s not real computer literate.

Pain in the butt

Helping someone like that over the phone is a pain in the butt as you can’t see what they see on the screen. It’s especially bad when they are mostly confused about what’s going on.

He gets confused and frustrated and then doesn’t pay attention to what I’m trying to tell him so I try to be patient, but it’s hard.

We finally got the bios updated and I thought we where done. An hour or so later he calls back and says his stock program doesn’t have his data in it. I knew the bios upgrade had nothing to do with that, so I asked if he was connected to the internet and he said he was, but I was pretty sure he wasn’t and eventually he discovered he wasn’t so I had him unplug his modem power supply and plug it back in to restart it. After a bit, things connected and all his information came back into his stock program.

Relaxing time

So now I could finally relax and I did. If I was a drinking man a couple of stiff drinks would have been good about now.:O)

I’m not sure we’ll get a break in the rain tomorrow or not, but a little ride around will be in order for sure just to check things out. We have some more rain coming in, but by this weekend the sun is supposed to shine for a few days so I’ll be able to get out on the swollen river for a yak.

That was it for another day.

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