Rainy Day, Researched Shipping Containers and Tracked Skid Steers

Sunday March 12, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rain all day long

It was raining when I got it going today and it either drizzled or rained throughout the day.

That meant it would be an inside the house day, which meant it would be a good day to do some research.

I started with YouTube and checked out what people did with the metal shipping containers to get some ideas. I got lots of new ideas and now I have to decide what and how I want to do stuff. I’m still not zeroed in so have a lot of thinking to do on the subject, like what size container do I really need.

I also checked out my yard to see where I might put a new shop. Like everything, there are advantages and  disadvantages for it all, so I haven’t been able to make up my mind, but at least I got started.

Tracked Skid Steers

I’m also interested in one of these contraptions.


I did quite a bit of research on these and they are expensive but I think one would be real useful in my older age. For now, I’ll just put it on my wish list, but I might get one before I get a container for a shop.

For my shop, do I want one forty foot container, or one 2o foot container or do I want two twenty foot containers and put a roof between the two?

Decisions, decisions, something to think about.

Nice day.

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