Rainy, Shopping, Visiting and My Sorba Noodle Attempt

Thursday February 2, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Raining and shopping

I could hear the rain pitter pattering on the roof this morning so I stayed in bed a bit longer.

When I finally got it going I decided to do some shopping so off I went to one of the local Wally’s. One of the things I wanted was some warmer winter type shirts as the ones I  have are all falling apart, but the store had already changed it’s seasons so no luck on that, but I did pick up a bunch of other stuff I needed.

Visiting friends

On the way home I stopped at John Sundburg’s house to do some visiting. I visited with his son and John’s wife as he was taking a nap as he’s one of those guys that get’s up at ungodly hours.

His son’s wife stopped by and we almost had a party going on. John finally woke up so we all shot the bull for an hour or so then I went on home and put my stuff away.

The noodle attempt

The other night I tried to made some sorba type noodles which are made out of mostly buckwheat flour. Well, there isn’t ‘much gluten in buckwheat flour so when I tried to roll the dough out so I could cut it up into noodles, it all cracked up into about two inch long pieces.

Not to be detoured, I boiled them up and ate them. Not the best.

Second try

I had some dough left over, so tonight I added some glutinous rice flour. It’s glutinous because they make it out of short grain rice instead of long grain rice. The result wasn’t any better than my first try and to top it all off, I boiled them too long and ended up with a big gob of sticky jellied noodles which really weren’t too appetizing. :O) Just a big blob.

Ok let’s fry the blob

Not wanting to throw the whole mess away, I decided to try frying them up in that big glob to see if I could salvage them. So I fried away and still had a big glob that was firm on the outside and very gooey on the inside, not good at all.

I’m not sure I’ll attempt that again and will just buy some already made if I get the urge for any more buckwheat noodles. :O)

There’s more rain coming on and off for the next week, so I’ll have to find something to keep myself busy.

That was my day. Yuck on the sorba.

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