Rainy Type Day So It Was Mostly Inside For Me Today

Sunday February 3, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Yep, I can hear the rain

I could hear it raining this morning as I woke so no use getting up yet.

But eventually I did get it going and went out to feed the chickens between the rain drops. It was showering on and off now. Too wet to stay outside and do anything so I went back in the house where I hung out most of the day doing research on the web.

A little vacuuming

I did crank the vacuum up and vacuumed the spot that gets the most dirt, where I sit in front of my computer as a lot of dirt falls off my shoes as I’m in and out all the time and don’t remove my shoes. I was able to get the kitchen too before my back said that’s enough and I sat down to recovery.

Letting the chickens out to graze

Around 3 I went out and let the chickens out to graze. As always they were eager to get out. Every time it rained they would crowd up on  my steps until the rain stopped again. I had put some small fences up on the porch so they couldn’t get onto it, but guess what they did on my steps, the reason I blocked them from my porch. They sure like to poo when hanging out like that.

Chickens and poo go together

One thing I’ve learned is if you have chickens you’re going to have to learn about poo as they put it everywhere. I do think it will do a lot of good for the vegetation in the yard. I only wish they’d keep it out there.

The rain let up for a couple hours in the late afternoon, but it started again about dark.

Needed a nap

It was just one of those days when it’s good to stay in the house so a good nap in the late afternoon was in order as researching stuff on the internet seemed to tire me out.

Getting ready to travel

I’m planning to go down to Quartzsite in a couple of weeks so I need to think about that and get things together for it. I have a few things to do on the van before I leave so I’ll be working on that and getting the supplies I need for the trip.

It was dark when I got up from my nap so I went out and closed the chickens up for the night and that was it for me today.

Nice rainy day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    This kind of days and enjoyable once in a while. We always enjoy Quartzsite especially now that thing are quieting down a bit. hope to head on out of here by the end of the week,

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