Ray, John and His Doggie and I Paddle and Go For a Walk On Poison Oak Alley Trail

Tuesday April 17, 2018 Jenner CA.

Looking for Ray and John

The weather looked good for kayaking today so I went on down to Jenner once I got it going, around noon.

I saw Ray’s and John’s trucks parked in the parking lot so I knew they were out there in their kayaks somewhere.

I put my boat in the water and paddled across the river to the island and headed up river.river1


This female merganser duck paddled by me fairly close.merganser2


There they are

I paddled on up the south side of the river and spotted Ray and John in their boats up ahead by eagles landing.river4


I joined them and we paddled on down the river to go for a hike at the Swamp Rock Trailhead which is where we get on the Poison Oak Alley trail which we want to hike on.boats5


I’m following the guys down the river to the trail head.river6


John has his new doggie with him

We arrive at the trail head and go to shore. John has his new doggie with him today. It’s his first time in a boat and seems to be doing ok.shore7


Getting on the trail

We work our way up the river bank and get on the trail that goes up the river where we had just paddled from.trail8


Lots of poison oak

We’re walking up the Poison Oak Alley Trail here. None of us catch the stuff, but John says he has to do his own wash to keep his wife out of it. The place is full of it and there is no way you can avoid it all.trail9


Going up the slide

We walk up the trail to a spot where a mud slide occurred two years ago. I had climbed up it last year and made a little puddle in the water at the top and I wanted to see if it made it through this last winter so we started straight up the hill on that slide. Ray petered out about half way, but John and his dog made it to the top with me.slide10


My puddle is gone

A big clump of dirt had falling on my water puddle and covered it up, so I’ll have to dig another puddle one day, but not today.

We work our way back down the slide and join Ray at the bottom.ray11


Continuing to Eagle’s Landing

Ray says he’d like to continue up the trail to Eagle’s Landing so we head on up the trail along here. There’s a lot of nettles along here too, but they are pretty easy to avoid.trail12


We made it up to the Landing and sat and shot the bull for a bit then headed back down the trail.

Not sure what John is talking about here, like I said we were shooting the bull.john14


Wind picks up a little

On the way back the wind picked up a bit, but it was a warmer spring wind and not a cold wind so it wasn’t bad as we headed back to the ramp for the day.waves14


Here we are at the boat ramp.ramp15


Nice day kayaking. We drove on home.


I was tired out and laid down for a nap. Eventually I was rested up enough and went outside to enjoy the evening.

Transplanting things

I could see there were some daffodils growing right where I want to put my new chicken house, so I dug them up and transplanted them to where the edge of my chicken run will be. I also dug a hole for a grape plant I want to grow up on the chicken run wire. I got some good dirt for the hole but didn’t get the grape plant planted yet.hole16


It was getting dark so I went on in for the day and that was my day.

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