Hiking Poison Oak Alley Trail After a Paddle To the River’s Open Mouth

Wednesday December 12, 2018 Jenner CA.

It’s always nicer when the wind is down

I met Ray at the boat ramp at Jenner this morning for a day of kayaking the estuary.

The sun was out and the wind was down as we headed down along Penny Island’s edge towards the river’s mouth at the ocean.river1


Molting hawk

Ray spotted this hawk up ahead. I couldn’t tell what kind it was. It looks like it might be molting.hawk2


Just past the hawk we paddled on by three turkey vultures. Here’s two of them. The other one is down in the grass likely eating something dead as that’s what they do.vultures3


Headed to the river’s mouth area

We paddled off the lower end of Penny Island and crossed over towards the river’s mouth. There were a bunch of seagulls resting in the water that took off as we approached.birds4


Rough ocean

The ocean was fairly rough with big waves splashing up on the jetty.mouth5



Lots of birds and seals resting in the area as the waves crashed in.seals5


Enjoying the day

We sat in the mouth for a bit then paddled on down to the end of the river here and sat for a bit just looking around and enjoying the day.endriver7


Here’s the view looking back up the river from the end of the river.river8


Slow pace up the river

Eventually we made our way back by the open river’s mouth and headed for the island’s back channel as we headed up the river at a rather slow pace.ray9


Hike to Swamp Rock

When we got up near Swamp Rock trailhead we decided we should go to shore for a walk and maybe try going up to swamp rock if the swamp wasn’t too wet so we went to shore here.boats19


We tried to walk over to swamp rock but the swamp had water in it so we didn’t make it to the rock.

Poison oak trail

We turned and walked up the trail along the river which is called Poison Oak Alley Trail for good reason.

Some kind of horse grass

Here Ray is checking out this horse tail type grass which was growing along the trail. You can’t see it as it’s lost it leaves right now, but the place is also full of poison oak growing in among the grass. It’s dormant right now but still dangerous to people that get it. Ray and I’ve lived with it for years and don’t get it so we are good with it.grass13


We walked up the  trail about half mile before stopping for a break under a tree.

Once rested up we headed back dropping back down into the river bed here near our boats.jenner13


The wind came up a little, mostly a breeze as we headed back to the boat ramp at Jenner up ahead.jenner14


We loaded our boats and went on home for the day.

Chicken for dinner

Once home I put a chicken in the pressure cooker and started it cooking while I got something to eat.

Pruning fruit trees while the chicken graze

By now it was time to let the chickens out into the yard to graze so that’s what I did. While they were grazing I did some more pruning on some of my fruit trees until it was time for the chickens to go to roost when I went in the house after getting some firewood in for my woodstove.

That was it for me today for a nice one.

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