Ray Wants to Go for a Walk to the Old Indian Lady’s Face Rock

Wednesday January 21, 2015 Jenner CA.

Ray showed up as I was putting my boat in the water at the Jenner boat ramp this morning. We paddled across to Penny Island and decided to go up the river for a walk to the Old Indian Lady’s Face Rock, up above Muskrat Beach.

We paddled by these two deer grazing in the grass on the shoreline.deer


And this lone merganser female duck.merganser


The little wind we had when we put in died down to this as we paddled along.river2


I spied this bird shaking it’s head a bunch so looked closer and it was a little grebe trying to swallow a fish it just caught. It took a while for it to get it down, but it finally did and we continued on our way.grebe


We looked along the shoreline for a place that wasn’t too muddy to put ashore. Most of the spots, the water was either too high to get out or it was too muddy.

When we got to the muskrat nest area, it looked like we might be able to get out without getting too muddy, so we got out and only got a little muddy. it was a better choice than all the other places we passed by on the way.

Here’s Ray, just getting out of his boat at muskrat.boats


We were headed up to the old Indian ladies face rock which was sorta up the hill from that spot through a bunch of poison oak bushes which made the going a bit tough, but we did it.

This turkey vulture was sitting on buzzard rock getting some sun as we worked our way up the hill through the brush.vulture


We went along this little creek with lots of big ferns in it about half way up the hill.creek


Ray spotted this big slug when we got out onto the grassy area. It’s about six inches long.slug


We broke out of the brush near the top where it turned  grassy. We are headed for that big rock on the far left which is called the old Indian ladies face rock. The little town of Jenner is in the background.rock3


This is the rock we were headed for as we got a bit closer to it.rock


We made it to the rock and sat down and took it easy for a bit and enjoyed the day.

This was our view from the top of the rock.pasture


When we left the rock we took another way down crossing over this grassy area, as I followed Ray. The river is to our left and the ocean is to our right.grass


To our right, this was our view looking south on the Pacific ocean.ocean


This walk has a lot of ups and downs and a lot of stepping over stuff so we were getting a good work out, also known as getting tired out, before we finally made it back to our boats.

Ray seemed to be having some kind of heavenly experience as we got back in our boats as this blue aura closed on him. I thought he might be beaming  up but nothing happened. :O)ray


We were both beat from the walk as we slowly worked our way back to the boat ramp at Jenner, down that a way.jenner

It was sure a nice scenic day for a real nice day on the river.

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