Readying Stuff For the New Chicks and Working On the Van

Sunday May 24, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Dealing with the new peeps

Not as many chicks are hatching as I expected for some reason but some are. I needed to get another place for the ones that already hatched out so they can get some water and food.

Here’s the incubator this morning and I want to move the older ones into another container to give the other eggs more time to hatch.incubator


New chick pen

So I put this little pen together in the feed shed.pen


Brooder box

It has a heater and some water and some peep feed I ground up for them out of the whole seeds I feed the chickens. I put some of the food on the floor so it’s easy for them to find as they are natural scratchers. I’ll keep them in the box until they get just a little bigger than let them out into the little pen.brooder


I moved 6 of them into the brooder area I assembled. They seemed to be doing well there and were already eating.peeps


Spark plugs and wires

After I got that going I put the spark plugs and new spark plug wires on the van’s engine which took up quite a bit of the day.

After I did that I turned the key to see if I did it right and if it ran ok. It started and seems to be running right. I will test it more after I time it.

I also ran some wires to improve the electrical.

Quite a rats nest of wires under the dash there eh.wires


Stuff to do

So I still need to check out the engine’s timing and install a couple of electrical switches on the electric radiator fans and I should about be done.

It was nice out there today so I did a fair amount of chair hopping and just sitting around enjoying the day.

Nice day.

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