Remaking the Cycle Mount Bracket and Some Yard Work

Sunday February 18, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Too cold to work

I went outside to get started on my motorcycle carrier project around 11 this morning, but the cold went right through me, so I went back in the house to warm up for another hour. At noon I tried it again. By now the sun had popped out from behind the  mountain to  my east and it was a bit warmer. The wind was blowing good so I went in the garage and cut and drilled metal to remake my mounting bracket.

The new bracket

Here’s the parts all cut drilled and deburred ready to get welded up.parts1


I welded up all the parts.weld2


Trying out the part

And gave the new bracket a try out.down4


Looks like the new bracket will work.up5


Appling paint

I put a couple coats of paint on it and put it in the house to dry.

It sprinkled a little but then the sun came out, so I pruned another one of my apple trees.

More spring flowers

I noticed the California Dutchmen Pipes where blooming.pipes6


These are the flowers that look sorta like pipes.pipe7


A number of my plum trees are starting to bloom more signs of the coming of spring.plums8


I like these yellow daffs. I have quite a few daffodils in the yard I planted a long time ago. They are nice flowers  that take no care so are just perfect.daffs9


A raid

I went over to my brother Tom’s to get some eggs and picked up a couple more oranges from the reject pile. These are the oranges that have some small blems so are not good to sell.eggs10


When the sun went down, the day turned cold, so I went in  the house and that was my day.

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One Response to Remaking the Cycle Mount Bracket and Some Yard Work

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Good luck with your new bracket. My fingers are crossed!
    Oh, I love the Dutchman Pipes! They are adorable. Nice that your trees are blooming already. Back home, it is usually late March when that all happens.
    We are getting some cool temperatures now down here for a while. Miss the sunshine.

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