Roof Repairs, Yearly Spring Spring Work and Van Prep

Wednesday February 23, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Roof work

I helped my neighbor finish screwing in his metal roof. He’d gotten some more screws so we could finish the job, so that’s done for now.Roof


Van prep

Then I worked on prepping my van a bit checking out what food I had and loading some more. I needed to grease it but I’ll do that later in the day as I want to ride the dirt bike up into the hills and do some work on our spring water system.

Spring time spring work

I got some tape and rode the dirt bike up to this pipe where I knew some holes where in the pipe from rodents chewing into it to try and get some water. They do this late in the season when there isn’t much water around for them to drink.

Rodent damage

This is the pipe with the rodent holes in it that has been leaking some of the spring water. The only problem was the holes were too big to patch with the tape so I’d need a new piece of black pipe but I didn’t have a piece handy.holes


So I left that pipe thinking I’d fix it eventually.

Hog wallow spring

I rode the bike up to this spring, white pipe in the back and checked it out for flow. No problems at this one.springpipe


Looking out

And then I rode the bike up to the top of the mountain to this spot, the Guerneville Overlook.bike6


Town of Guerneville

This was the view of Guerneville today.Guerneville4


A closer look at the town of Guerneville. The Russian River runs by it and sometimes floods the town out. It was originally a mining and logging town in the olden days.huses5


Road block

Heading down to another place to check on a spring I ran into this down tree that fell across the road during the winds the other day. It was rotten and not too heavy so I was able to move it off the road. I was surprised there weren’t a lot more trees down.tree7


Indian Spring

I rode down to our main spring and measured how much water was flowing.spring8


About two and a half gallons a minute was coming out of the pipe.spring9


Rodent pipe damage repair

While at that spring I found a piece of back pipe laying there that wasn’t being used so I dragged it with the bike back to the rodent hole pipe and spliced it into the water line after cutting the pipe with the holes off.pipes10


Lots of water in this one for now

Then I rode over to this spring. I had to clean this one out and hook it back into the system. If I remember it had about six gallons a minute.bigspring11


Water tanks area

With those springs all working I needed to go down to the tank area and hook the pipe up from some of the springs that I disconnect in the winter and just worked on. I parked here above the water tanks.tanks13


And walked the short distance up that ravine in the back there where I have some water valves.gulley12


All the spring pipes cone together here. I measured the water flow and found I had about 8 gallons a minute, about 480 gallons of water an hour which will taper down as summer comes on.water12


That’s all I had to do on the springs so I rode on home for a break.

Van gets greased

The last thing I wanted to do today was grease my van so I set up for it while taking a break.grease14


I didn’t really feel like doing it, but I made myself do it just to get it done.

And the day was about over.

Nice day.

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