Root Cannel, Some Visiting and Hooking the Well Back Up

Wednesday February 3, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Root cannel first

Today was the day for my root cannel. So once I got it going, I headed to Windsor to the root cannel guy.

The root cannel guys are really good and mostly painless, except for when it comes to the paying part. :O)

Everything went well and I was out of there.

Compounding Pharmacy

I decided as long as I was in Windsor, I’d go by a pharmacy that does what they call compound drugs. In other words, they make up the pills with whatever ingredients don’t make you sick so people that are allergic to stuff use them.

I talked with the pharmacist and wasn’t impressed. He was in a hurry to get back to something, but most importantly, I asked him if he had any corn allergy people getting drugs compounded with him. His answer was no, which means I’d have to train him to use him as there is corn in almost everything these days and most of it, they don’t call out the name corn, so you know what’s in it.

For instance. Did you know that iodized salt uses up to fifty percent dextrose, a corn sugar, to carry the iodine into the salt and it also helps keep the salt from clumping. Or that most white vinegar comes from corn and it is used to make most mayos and most salad dressings and pickles and it goes on and on. Your vitamin C comes from corn and acetic acid which is in a lot of canned stuff and in those little packets they put in with the chicken and meat. Your tooth paste is full of it. I could go on and on.

At any rate, I wasn’t impressed with the guy as a guy I’d like to work with on this, so I wrote them off for now.

Visiting with Joe and grape canes

From there I went over to visit my friend Joe as his house was on the way home. Joe is a welder and a fabricator and always has some interesting projects to check out that he is working on. He’s retired now, but likes to work on special things for commercial places like restaurants. He’s made some huge tables and big doors out of big tree boards and metal and stuff like that. Very impressive.

While there another fiend, Bryce came by which was good as I wanted him to get me some nice black table grape cuttings from a guy he knows. I’ll bury the grape canes in the ground and get them to grow so I can have some of those black grapes too.

Canceled kayaking

I was planning to go on down to Jenner to kayak, but the day was looking not so nice and some rain was going to come in so I went on home.

Do the well project

I needed to get the new well my brother uses for his garden hooked back up. That meant taking the six feet of pipe and wire back off. I extended it that much last summer when it dried up and I wanted to  put it back to where it was to keep it from pumping any dirt.

I pulled the pipe up in the air like this so I could cut out a section of the pipe.wellpipe


But it started to rain, so I had to give it up and went in the house for a bit.

The rain stopped enough for me to go out and get back to it after about a half hour.

I cut the pipe off and glued a coupler in and shortened the wires back up too. Here, it’s ready to drop back down in the well casing.well


I hooked up the electrical wires and threw the switch and it fired right up with water. That’s twenty gallons a minute. I wanted to clean any little pipe plastic parts out, so I let it ran a bit.water



That’s one well done, I have another one across the street that needs a new pump too, so one down and one to go. I also have another well scheduled to drill sometime this summer. It will be a deeper one, so it just seems I’m into wells.

The rain finally chased me back in the house, but not before I got it all hooked back up.

Back to square one

As long as I was in the house, I decided to try and play some more phone tag with setting up an allergy appointment with the VA. After about a half hour, I finally got a call back from the guy I should of talked with first.

He said he couldn’t make that appointment, but it had to be instigated by my primary doctor, back to square one. :O) I’m trying to get an appointment outside the VA closer to home. I hadn’t told my primary doctor I wanted to use this third party thing when I saw her. I didn’t know about it at the time, but after finding I’d have to drive ninety miles down in the busy city area, I decided to try this new third party system, which I hope will work out.

That was my day.

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