Rope, Strawberries, Dirt Bike Ride and More Van Packing

Saturday July 27, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Where’s the number

First thing I read my email and Ray wanted my cell phone number for his cell phone for our trip. But do you think I could find the phone number on my cell phone. No way. I looked and looked. I know I saw it once on there someplace some time ago but I couldn’t find it and there was no signal at my place so I couldn’t just call.  Finally I went over to my neighbors and asked how to find it. She didn’t know where it was either but she said she thought it was on her phone so I finally got it and sent it to Ray.

Lots of puttering around

Today  I puttered around doing this and that, but not  much. I loaded stuff in the van throughout the day a little at a time, water and some food and I had to deal with these ropes. I have way too many ropes for the van, mostly because there’s not much room to store it.

Too much rope

Here’s all the rope I had in the van and I’m trying to decide what to keep.rope


By the end of the day I had to make a decision and choose the rope I wanted to keep which I finally did. Not an easy decision as rope is real handy sometimes.

Dirt bike ride

Towards evening I hopped on my brother Mikes dirt bike to give the battery a charging and first rode over to  my brother’s garden to check it out.

Armstrong Valley Farm


This carrot patch sure is green.carrots



I looked around his strawberry patch for some ripe berries. There weren’t very  many of them. I mostly look for ones with defects as those can’t be sold and I did ok on that and ate a few berries.berrypatch


Water level at the  tanks

After that I rode the dirt bike up to our water tanks to check the water level. The tanks were about half full or half empty, but half full sounds better. That’s not too bad and they should mostly fill back up during the night.tanks


I rode on up the hill along this road.road


Guerneville Overlook

And on up to the ridge top overlook were I stopped for a little break.tophill


That’s the little town of Guerneville down there.guerneville


I rode around the roads for about an hour then headed for home.

I sat around chair hopping and did a bit of puttering until it got dark.

And that was my day for a good one.

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  1. George Yates says:

    sure sounds like a wonderful day to me as well.

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