Rough Ocean, but Nice Day at Jenner, CA.

Sunday Nov. 4, 2012 Jenner, CA.

Rough ocean today

My older brother came by around eleven and we headed down to Jenner for a day of Kayaking. When we got there the sun was out and there was a light breeze. Somehow, we where lucky to get a parking spot up close and we put our boats in the water and got under way around noon. First we went over to Penny Island for awhile then went down to the mouth of the river as I wanted to see if it was open or closed or what.

So, we paddled down that way. It was almost high tide and the ocean was rough. The mouth of the river was open, but just barely and mostly because it was high tide. There wasn’t much ocean water coming into the river, but there were some good breaking waves out these.

Looking out the mouth of the Russian River. Big Waves are breaking over the Jetty, making lots of foam.



Seals are almost always basking in the sun down there.



As we were leaving the mouth area, this guy flies over our heads. Quite a contraption.



We stopped and got out just east of Penny Island on the south shore of the river to look around in a swamp area that is dry until it rains. Interesting area, lots of dear and coyote sign with lots of trails weaving trough the swamp grass. From there we continued up the river to a place I call Eagles Landing. Big old fir trees with lots of moss, but no eagle today.



Up close of some of this hanging moss.



And of course, just across from there we have some of the white pelicans roosting on the shore line.



With the daylight saving time change today, it seemed like a real long day. We were off the water just a little after four Pm.

Had another nice day.

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