Russian River Mouth, Ca.


Kayaking near the mouth of the River

Today, I got on the river around eleven in the morning, was off the river around four thirty. It was real windy, but pleasant. No one else was on the water, the wind tends to scare them off. It did me, originally, but I got used to it. The windier it is, the more I say, Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum. It can be fun, but only if you can relax in it. My plan was to get some pictures of the mouth area, including all of the sand bar that is between the river and the ocean for an article.  I want to write about what I think is going on down there, but, I thought, instead of writing the article I’d just do a lighter post of the mouth area for now, which also gives me more time to think about what to say in that article.

So, let’s pull some pictures into this article and see what I can make of them.

This is a pic of the little town of Jenner, by the sea, looking across Penny Island, North.



Another pic across Penny Island, looking north, where highway one goes up the coast, although, you can’t see it easily.



On the other side of these sands is the vast Pacific ocean. Left side.



This shot is also of the same area, but taken further back. The mouth is on the right side.



Russian River mouth, end of the jetty, seals and birds.



Birds and seals in the river mouth.



Turkey Vultures eating a calf that floated down the river. Actually, eating what’s left of the calf. I’m not sure about the one on the right. A young one or another type? Some people have asked me why I take pics of these birds. Because I believe they are way ahead of us. They eat the dead, glide with little effort, lay eggs without building a nest, don’t work and don’t pay taxes. They also seem to have some kind of really advanced social network I’ve witnessed a couple of times.




While I was on the island, I stumbled across this cow skill from a cow that floated down the river last winter.



There were also some rib bones.



That’s it for now. Maybe I’ll try some word wrap around pics next time? I seem to be having some problems with the pics staying the right size and my comments got turned off for this post for some unknown reason that I can’t seem to fix. Oh. Well. :O)

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