Russian River Mouth is Breached Again

Thursday January 2, 2014 Jenner CA.

Real nice kayaking Jenner today

The back was doing a bit better today, only one cold pack and three aspirins to get me going. I also heard back from My VA email I sent. The doc is away on vacation, but will call when she gets back.

Anyway, I was down at Jenner around eleven AM and put my boat in the water.

The gauge at the visitor center read about 7.5 feet as I left the boat ramp.gauge


As I crossed over to the Penny Island, I could see the excavator was already down at the river’s mouth area breaching the sand.

This was my view as I crossed over to Penny Island, looking down towards the mouth area. You can see the excavator way down there doing it’s thing.view


As I passed the west end of Penny Island, I heard a lot of load honking from these two geese on a redwood log.geese


As I got closer to the mouth area, I could see the excavator busy at work.excavator


I joined Ray and his son Joey who were already down there sitting in their kayaks watching the operation.

Here, they are about three quarters of the way though the sand.excavator2


And here they just breached the sand for an open river to the ocean.breached


We decided to go over to Penny Island and paddle into it before the water started to go down. We passed more geese on the way in.geese2


We sat around in the calm water on the island for awhile. That’s Ray and Joey in the distance in their kayaks.island


We watched the excavator leave the area and decided to go back down there to see if there was any seal action with any big fish.excavator3


This is the open river’s mouth just as we returned, looking out to the Pacific ocean.breached2


A little closer view looking out the river’s mouth into the Pacific ocean.mouth


Ray and Joey landed and got out to see if there was any fish action in the open mouth.beach


There wasn’t any fish action yet. The mouth is breached, but it will take a low tide to open it all the way. When low tide comes, which happened around five PM tonight, the mouth will really open wide. All the sand in the piles and and where the people are standing will get washed into the ocean when it really opens at low tide tonight and then there will be a better chance for the fish to come in.

A real nice day kayaking Jenner, although a bit on the cool side.

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