Russian River Mouth Should Be Breached Tomorrow

Wednesday January 29, 2014 Jenner CA.

Light rain and fog today kayaking Jenner

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do today as it was supposed to shower. I decided to take a chance and go down to Jenner to see if it was not raining too much. As I was driving down there, a light rain was picking up just a bit and when I entered Jenner, I didn’t think I would kayak as it was raining lightly.

I drove on down to the river’s mouth overlook to see what things looked like.

This is the view I had looking down where the river’s mouth should be. The ocean was fairly rough, but not as rough as yesterday. moutharea


It was sorta foggy today, with some light rain falling too. But the wind was down and it was mostly nice out.

I went back to the Jenner launch area and made up my mind to do it. I put my rain pants on and launched my boat and headed down towards the river’s mouth area. Because of the showers and fog, I didn’t take many pictures.

Harbor seals on the beach in the fog, just taking it easy.seals]


I hung around the mouth area for an hour or so, but not much going on, or at least not much I could see.

There was no one else on the water until John, the cleaner upper guy came along picking up trash. I joined him and we worked our way back to Penny Island. I showed John he could paddle onto Penny Island and pick up trash, which he did.

This is John as I followed him onto the flooded Penny Island. The rain drops started to get bigger as we entered this area. Lot’s of stuff for John to pick up in this area.john


I was starting to get chilly so I headed on in to the Jenner launch ramp.

This is the view of Jenner as I headed on in for the day.jenner


I checked the water level gauge at the visitor center, almost 8 feet.gauge


They posted the breaching notice

I pulled my boat out and then looked for the posting that the water agency posts on the visitor center when they are going to breach the river’s mouth.

It was posted. They will breach the river’s mouth tomorrow, Thursday the 30th.

So, tomorrow, if the ocean isn’t too dangerous, they will open a channel in the sand with an excavator to open the river up so water can flow into the ocean and big fish can come into the river to continue their journey to spawn up the river.

There is a very good low tide around  4:30PM tomorrow, so the breached mouth should blow real wide open sometime after 3PM or so.

That was it for the day. Not really too bad considering everything.

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