Scenic Maggie’s Summit Road NV.

Saturday June 14, 2014 Southwest Mountain City NV.

Another day of exploring

I’ve posted two blogs just now, so you might want to read the one at the bottom first, Friday, June 13th.

Posted from home.

I awoke on a Forest Service road near Patsville NV. were I spent a comfortable night. On the way out to the main road 225, I passed by this mine reclamation project at Patsville.restoration


And before I hit the main road and took it out of four wheel drive, this antelope stopped to check me out for a bit, then took off.antelope


Maggie’s Summit road and a side road

I went down highway 225 for a few miles then turned right onto the Maggie’s summit road. I drove up it a ways until I got to a road I wanted to check out that went on up behind a ranch into the hills.

This is the road I turned up to check out. I put it in four wheel drive, but most of it wasn’t too bad for the ol van.sideroad


I climbed up into the hills until I could see a cattle moving operation going on up ahead of me, just as I was about to get into the quaking aspen trees. I decided to stop and not go on up any further this trip. Save some for another trip.

Moving cattle

In the mean time, these people rode by with some more cattle going up the road past me. I think these people are from the ranch nearby. They did all say hi, but where too busy working to talk, so I left them at it and headed back down the hill.roundup


Roughest part of the road

This was the roughest place in that road as I went on down it back to the Maggie’s summit road which I continued up.roughroad


Back on the Maggie’s summit road, going by a ranch. I’m headed on up into the hills on this road for as far as you can see.duzenroad


Another ranch I passed going up the road.ranch


There is quite a bit of water in this area. More beaver pond action down there.beaverpond


Just before Maggie’s summit, I turned off to the right to check out a camp site area and take a break.

All kinds of critters

While I was sitting there drinking a cup of coffee, this critter was seen grazing nearby. I think it’s some kind of deerosarous or something like that?deerasorous

I had a little nap there too before continuing on up the hill to Maggie’s summit, were I stopped for the view.maggiesummit


Short walk in the flowers

I went a bit further to the next summit where I stopped and went for a short walk up this trail to get a little exercise.trail


Looking down to where I’m headed over Maggie’s summit.view


Real scenic going down the road, just cruising along, taking it easy.view2


There’s lot’s of good scenery on this road if I haven’t mentioned it yet.view3


It was a rather cool day from the start with plenty of clouds out to hide the sun.maggieroad


Checked out another four wheel drive road looking for camp spot

After I came down off the Maggie’s summit road, I went on down the paved highway, 226, I think it was until I got to the Midas, Tuscarora Road which I traveled at a leisurely pace stopping to check things out until I got to the Willow Creek Reservoir which I stopped at for a rest before going on down the road a couple miles to the first bridge where I turned right to check out another four wheel drive road. I followed it for five or so miles looking for a camp spot, before I gave up and turned around and headed back to the main road, which I crossed to the road on the other side.

Here I am about to turn around and head back to Willow creek where I knew where a camp spot was that I’d used before. No nice camp spot here.desert


Camped at Willow Creek

I drove down to a camp site I used earlier on the way up right by Willow creek.willowcamp


Tomorrow I have a couple things I want to check on the way to Winnemucca.

After that, if time permits, I may head on home?

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