Shooting the Bull and Some Repairs at the Nutty Rock Lady of Quartzsite’s Place

Friday March 15, 2019 Quartzsite Arizona

Getting my socks washed

I needed all my socks washed as I was out of clean ones so I drove over to the crazy nutty rock lady of Quartzsite’s place to see if I could get the socks washed and dried.

Front gate

I drove in and parked after she came out and opened the gate.gatein


Some crystals

Here’s a few things in her yard, her crystal garden I think.crysts


She’s got some nice crystals.crystals


Her project

Here’s her current project. She’s digging a hole for some statue she’s expecting and will build around it. She showed me more of this later. I think it’s a big



We went inside the house and I tried to get some good photos but the camera just doesn’t do all the neat rocks justice. Here’s some kind of chimney thing in the center of the house.chim


This a a big jade crock about four feet long.croc


And this is her kitchen


Trade work for socks

I told her I’d look at her electrical problems if she’d wash and dry my socks so she got right to it. We sat down for a bit shooting the bull and then I had her show me what she needed to have fixed first so I got my tools out and we got two out of three things fixed and also know what needs to be done on the third thing which I’m thinking of going back tomorrow and fix as it’s all her kitchen lights that don’t work.

We did have to drive to the hardware store for parts so she drove me there and they had the part.

I think she was duly impressed with my fixit abilities.

Checking out her yard

My socks were dry so she folded them up nicely for me and then we had a tour of her yard.

Like I said she’s digging this hole to hold some kind of statue she’s waiting on delivery and then will build a bunch more stuff around it. Sounds like quite a project and should keep her busy for awhile.workspot


Here’s a closer view of some of her


There were a number of bunnies running around her yard.bunny


I grabbed my bag of socks and left her a happy camper. Always nice to get things fixed.

Potatoes and onions

From there I went to the market to resupply my potatoes and onions so I have something to eat.

Flat on his back

And then went over to Patti and Marty’s to see how they were doing. Marty is still flat on his back in bed with a bad back and can’t seem to line up a CAT scan in Parker to find out what’s wrong. Real frustration, especially when you hurt  bad with any kind of movement. Somehow he needs to get home to his own doctors but it’s a two day drive so will be hard to do.

I left them and drove out to my Sun Kiss Road camp here just after sunset.sunset


Finishing the job

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll go back to the rock ladies and see if I can get her kitchen lights working using another method than what she has now which is a radio controlled light.

That was my day just shooting the bull with the rock lady and doing some repairs too.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Shooting the Bull and Some Repairs at the Nutty Rock Lady of Quartzsite’s Place

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Sounds like a pretty good trade off to me! Clean socks for a repair job. I’m sure she appreciates what you did as much as you enjoy the happy feet. It would be interesting to see her new creation.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice to get your socks cleaned for you while you did some repairs for the rock lady.

  3. DAVID says:

    Shoot, I love rocks…My late wife was similar to Lucy & Ricky in the “Long-long-Trailer..

    Remember that movie?….At one time we knew where each rock was picked up…I should of written something on each rock…They each had a story…..

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