Shopping and a First Good Rain Storm

Tuesday November 26, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

Our first real rain storm of the season is due to come in this afternoon sometime.

I’m ready for it so I decided to go do some shopping to get it done.

Time for an Instant Pot

I went to Walmart first as I wanted to buy an Instant Pot. I needed something larger than the pots it replaces and I especially wanted something large enough to roast a whole chicken in so I got the 8 quart one. That should retire my slow cooker and my rice cooker and my too small pressure cooker to the back shelf.

Test bird

I plan to cook up the one big meat bird I butchered the other day to test it out for the holiday.

Just no aluminum screen

Then I went over to Home Depot to get a roll of aluminum screen which all the hardware stores used to carry. I couldn’t find it so I got some help and we looked all around. It appears they’ve replaced it with galvanized screen which I don’t want as the steel edges are sharp and tends to prick my hands when forming it around rodent holes. No go there.

Starting to rain

It started to shower a bit on the way home. I decided to stop at the local hardware store to see about the aluminum screen. Same thing. I had them all looking around the store for it but I was surprised to find it wasn’t being carried anymore so I’ll have to keep looking elsewhere. I saw John was using some the other day for the same purpose so maybe he knows where I can get some. I use that with staple gun staples to block rodent holes.

Raining hard

By the time I got home it was really raining. Nice and hard like a good rain storm should.

I checked the chickens and gave them a little extra feed since they’d be in most of the day and then unloaded my car.

With it raining it was a good time to unpack the Instant Pot and read the book a bit. Looks like it will do what I want it to do.

Sounds like a good rain

So it’s raining good right now with the storm hitting the metal roof with lots of noise. Always nice to hear that first rain storm, especially when it pounds.

Nice day and nice and wet now.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Yay! Enjoy your Instant Pot!

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