Shopping and Prepping for my Next Trip to the High Desert in Nevada

Wednesday September 16, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Rains expected

Since it was supposed to rain today, I decided it was a good day to shop and do some prepping of my van for my upcoming trip back to the high desert near Jarbidge Nevada.

Let’s shop and get it over with

I did the shopping first as that’s the most stressful and was back before any rain started.

Van prep

The rain did start, but  my van is under cover so I greased it and checked the engine over good adding fluids where necessary. I still have a bit more greasing to do, but some things need the mud hosed off first, so I’ll do that tomorrow.

I also have to hose the grass out of the radiator that I picked up on my last trip. I brushed a lot of it out on the trip, but there is still too much left in the fins, so I’ll do that tomorrow too.

I checked over the food in the van and added a bunch more so that’s taken care of .  I also removed my summer comforter and put in a medium one as I expect things to be getting cooler for this trip.

Glued up fingers

I’m also in the process of gluing some magnets to a new bug screen for my side doors. Instead of using staples to secure the magnets to the cloth, I bought a glue gun and am trying that out for the first time. I seem to be getting glue stuck everywhere, so I need to change my technique a bit. I think it will work though, so I’ll keep at it.

Tomorrow, I plan to go kayaking and then finish this stuff up as we plan to leave on Friday.

Nice day, I did get some stuff accomplished that needed done so I have a lot less to do tomorrow.

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  1. Have fun in Jarbidge— spent many good times camping there — My name is among many written in the Saloon there that serves as the main community center for everything that goes on in Jarbidge. Hope you have a good time.

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