Shopping and Trip Planning and Visiting Friends and a Bad Dog

Thursday September 27, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I’ve got to keep shopping to keep my projects going, so today was the day. I’ve got a big trip coming up to Idaho so I need to get some of my projects done and start getting some stuff together for the trip, like some cash and some food. Today I did the cash by going to the bank on the way to shop. They had a new teller at the bank and it seemed like it took forever to get a couple checks cashed, but it did get done.

Chicken feed

There was a feed store on the way in Fulton so I stopped there to get some seed for my chickens. They are getting bigger and starting to eat a lot and I need enough feed for while I’m gone on this trip. I’ll still need to get some more feed to be sure there is enough on hand for my chicken partner Dominique to feed for  me. I was able to get some whole oats and whole barley and some millet at this place. Seems I have to go to several stores to get the chickens some variety so I still have more to do.

Hardware store

Next I headed to Windsor to a Home Depot to get some supplies which I did. I needed hinges for the chicken nest boxes and I decided to get a gallon of green paint to paint the chicken boxes so I did.

Joe looked terrible

From there I’m headed back home but stop at Joe’s house for a visit.

When I get there he comes out of the house and I note right away that both his arms are bandaged up, so I says what the hey?

Bad dog

Turns out his dog that has some pit bull in it went off while he was playing with it. When the dog went off Joe tried to do what he normally does in training his dog, but he lost it and only made the problem worse until the dog bit his hand and wouldn’t let go. During the battle the dog moved up his right arm and bit through most of the tendons that move his hand so that hand wouldn’t work. Said he could barely hold a rock and couldn’t bring enough force on it to word off the dog, but he tried.

The battle

He had a steel hand forged spike he’d made in a post near him that was loose so he pulled it out, lucky it was loose. He said he tried to stab the dog in the eye but missed. But it was enough to make the dog cry out and realize what it was doing. It finally let go after tearing up both arms and whimpered like oh, oh, I did something wrong. It sure did.

The Doc fixed things up

Well Joe called the emergency in and was picked up by an ambulance and taken to a hospital. After three hours he was operated on and things put back together. He’s on the mend and doing well and it looks like the doc did a good job and his right hand is working ok.

I think his next dog wont’ have any pit bull in it.

I visited with him and his girl friend for awhile and then headed towards home again.

Planning with John for the trip

John’s house is on the way home so I stopped to talk with him about my upcoming trip as I’ll be visiting with him and some friends of his deer hunting in Idaho for a couple weeks so I needed to know exactly where they would be camping so I could meet up with them. We talked about that and some other stuff, shooting the bull. They will be camped at Montpelier Lake in Idaho for two weeks. I plan to meet them there.

I continued on home and unloaded my chicken feed and supplies and was beat so a nap was in order.

And that was my day for a nice one with nice fall weather.

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2 Responses to Shopping and Trip Planning and Visiting Friends and a Bad Dog

  1. Very sorry to hear about Joe getting attacked by his own dog and hope he recovers soon. I’m no “Dog Whisperer”, having many many dogs through my life I can usually train most dogs depending on earlier collateral damage from previous owners. It takes countless hours and lots of patients love and understanding. I shy away from pitbull or pitbull mixes, but guess what I have now after Lily died, a rescued English pointer pitbull mix, that’s another long story, regarding my oldest daughter and wife. I run a tight ship with dogs and after over a year Gemma has turned out to be a reliable dog, but Queen bitch dog around the house when strangers show up. Remembering Michael Vicks’ pitbull fighting dogs, they were not able to reform all of them and the ones that pass the tests to be adopted had a one million-dollar liability insurance policy on them paid for by Michael Vicks.

  2. Patsy Irene says:

    I try to give pit bulls the benefit of the doubt, I’m not very brave around any dogs bigger than ours. I know they get a bad rap but this one sadly turned on Joe. :( I’m glad Joe is okay, it could have been a horrible ending.

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