Shopping For Supplies For My Up Coming Trip In a Few Days

Wednesday September 29, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

That’s what I was going to do today. I drove on over towards the shopping centers and stopped to get some fresh cheese at the cheese factory which was on the way.

Cheese factory

I turned off the main road and headed to the farm.road1


Just a little further and I’ll be at the cheese place.road2


These are some of the girls that make the stuff to make the cheese, resting and chewing their cud.cows3


Cheese lady

And this is one of the ladies that makes the cheese in the back, wrapping me up some cheese. I always ask her to cut off a wedge and wrap it separately so I have something to nibble on driving around while doing my shopping.cheese4


Stroke out on this one

I went to Home Depot to buy a new handle for one of my Pulaski’s but they didn’t have any that would fit. I didn’t want to drive around looking for one at another store, so I’ll try and get that some other time.

Corn-less stuff

Next, I went to Costco to buy supplies for my up coming trip, which consists mostly of a sack of big potatoes and a sack of onions and a case of string beans, all corn-less and a couple of other things to snack on, like peanuts. I’ll get a head of cabbage to add to that. There’s not much to eat or drink when you are allergic to corn type products as it’s in most of our foods and drinks, many times under other names.

Despite that, I found enough to eat for the trip.

I made it home and got the stuff unloaded.

For some reason I was real tired out so I napped for quite some time.

Van washing

Later in the day, after the sun went down, I put the hose to the old van to remove some of the dirt off it.van


After that I took inventory on the food that was in there and added to it with the stuff I just purchased and added some more stuff I already had on hand.

I have a few more days before we leave so I have plenty of time to get the things I need into the van.

Nice day.

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