Sixty Pounds of Beans and We Work on John’s Truck

Tuesday January 19, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Rainy and windy

It was raining again when I got it going today, but was supposed to stop soon. However the wind was supposed to be up, so I decided not to go kayaking today.

Instead I decided to go to Santa Rosa and do some shopping as I needed resupplied.

I went to a place called Cash and Carry which is a restaurant food supplier like Smart and Final that has gone retail. I think Smart and Final owns the Cash and Carry place.

I bought a few beans

Anyway, I needed some beans, so I bought sixty pounds of them. :O) I got white, black and pinto. I also bought a big bag of rice and a couple bottles of grape oil to try and a big jog of soy sauce. With the corn allergy, there are many things I cannot eat as most of our food these days has some kind of corn stuff in them or on them. All this makes my diet a bit on the limited side.

Here’s the stuff I bought today.beans


Checked on John

On the way home, I stopped to see if John was home and he was so we arranged for him to come to my house to work on his truck problem a bit later.

I went on home and unloaded my bounty and took a break.

Worked on the van a bit

Eventually I went out and opened up my van back doors to do some rearranging of some cabinets. I moved the water jogs up higher to give me more room for my legs and feet as that’s the end of my bed right below the jogs.van


I have some more adjustments to do to shelving to make things right. I did some planning and then John showed up with his truck.

Supervising John

We needed to remove his steering wheel and column to replace the turn signal switch that is under the horn. It turned out to be a bigger job then we thought it would be and we were doing good when the pliers to remove the clip that held the bearing in place broke on us, so we couldn’t quite get the job done, but almost. So we put stuff away and I gave John a ride home as it was getting dark.

Here’s his truck with the steering wheel off. It’s ready to pull the column off as soon as we get a new pair of clip pliers.truck

I took John home and that was about it for today.

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