Slowest Checker Ever and I Get My Eyes Examined

Friday January 4, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Can’t get it going

Today I had an eye exam appointment at 3, so I had planned to do some shopping first and then go to my appointment which meant I needed to get it going today.

But, when I awoke, I just didn’t feel like getting up so I threw my plans out the window and stayed in bed for another hour or so.

Once I got it going I went out to take care of the chicken’s feed and water and then set off for some shopping.

Shopping time

Since I had a late start I changed all my shopping plans. I had to shorten things up if I wanted to make  my eye appointment on time.

I was going to go get some more wire fencing to help control the chickens in the yard but the store that had the wire was way south of were I needed to be at three so I said to heck with the wire and went north to shop at a home depot and a Walmart.

Slowest checker ever

I did ok at Home Depot, but at Wally’s it was a bust. I got my stuff and went to the checkers. The two lines were both long so I picked the one with the people that had the least amount of stuff in their baskets, but it was a bust. The checker outer was the slowest guy I’ve ever been in line with. He took forever with each customer especially the lady with a lot of clothes to ring up. He was with her for the longest time that I started up a conversation with the guy and his wife behind me kidding about it all. It was a good thing I had some extra time on hand and they were lucky they weren’t in a hurry either.

Shopped out

Well I was so long in line there I didn’t go to the next store on my list which was ok with me as I was already shopped out.

I finally got to the cash register and made it through ok. When I left I wished the couple in back of me a nice day and said it has to go better now that it was their turn and left.

Snooze time

Of course that put me at the VA for my appointment about an hour early so I checked in and had a snooze in the waiting room. Lucky the eye exam waiting room is a real quiet one.

Personable Doc

My eye exam Doc is a real personable type guy that seems to enjoy his work a lot and is very good at what he does.

He did an exam on them and sent me to the lady that gets the classes ordered.

Picking out glasses

She had a bunch of classes on the wall and said to pick out a pair.

Hummmm, too many to pick from but those with the black wire frames look ok. I tried them on and they fit and didn’t fall off or anything so she took some measurements and that was it. They’d come in the mail within three weeks.

That was the main thing I wanted to get accomplished today. My eyes are doing pretty good for my age, no cataracts and I mostly just need reading type classes with some small correction for seeing far.

Headed on home

Good to go so I headed on home just in time to let the chickens out to graze for the day.

I let them out and since my eyes were still dilated I mostly just sat around in my chair being a shepherd for the chickens.

It’s interesting. If I want the chickens to eat in a certain area I just sit in that area and talk to them a bit and they feed all around me mostly.

The goody man

I think they just hang around as they don’t want to miss any possible goodies as I’m the main goody provider.

Anyway even though I didn’t get all my shopping done it was a good day. Always good to hear one’s eyes are ding ok, eh.

Nice day.

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One Response to Slowest Checker Ever and I Get My Eyes Examined

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Glad your eye checkup was a good one, that is always good news. There are always so many frames to choose from and we are basically plain people too. My frames are plastic and Bill likes the wire ones.
    I know it doesn’t help workers but we tend to go to self checkouts if the lines are long.

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