Smog and the Newer Car Registration and Avocado Tree Blooms

Wednesday May 9, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Garden work

I was out at the mailbox this morning checking mail and I heard my brother over in his garden doing something so I went over to see what.

He was fixing a broken water pipe that supplies part of his garden with water.pipe1


He was just finishing up, covering things back up.tom2



I  had some time to kill, so I hauled a few loads of woodchips to a place that  needed some more mulch.chips3



I had an appointment to meet Jennifer, the lady I bought my car from, down at the smog place to get the car smogged as it needed to be done to sell the car to me.

I met her there and it wasn’t long before this guy did the smog check that passed.smog4


Need some help

While I had Jennifer there, I had some questions about how to run this car that I was stuck on so I quizzed her on how some things work, like how the heck do I get the automatic hatch door to open and close and how do I run the mapping thingy in the dash. She was very helpful on that stuff.

Next, I had to go over to AAA to get the car transfer done, now that I had a smog certificate.

On the way, I stopped to visit Marty and give him an old used big metal hacksaw blade he wanted to use to make a knife. He likes to make handmade knives and these old blades are real good steel to make the knife blades out of.


I couldn’t stay long as I had to get over to AAA to complete the car transfer, so that’s where I headed. The older lady there actually remembered me from last week when I tried to do this and that’s always good. We got the stuff taken care of in short time and shot the bull a bit. :O)


It was good to get that chore done and I headed for home and did some chair hopping with the chickens. That one black one  may have a worm or something in it’s beak.chickens5



The evening was real nice so I chair hopped and hauled some more woodchips between chair hops.woodchips6


I was adding mulch to this plot where the older mulch was a bit thin and the weeds were coming though. That big tree in the back is about 60 feet tall and is my avocado tree I planted sometime around 1990.tree7


Avocado tree blooms

It hasn’t bloomed very well all this time but I’ve been taking better care of it with all the mulch and this year, it is just loaded with blooms.top8


It had a few blooms last year, but nothing like what this year is.blooms9


Here’s a bunch of buds ready to flower.buds10


I stayed out hauling mulch and chair hopping until twilight and there wasn’t enough light to see before going in the house for the day.

Nice day.

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One Response to Smog and the Newer Car Registration and Avocado Tree Blooms

  1. Judith says:

    Glad things went well with the new car. And thanks for the photo of avocado blooms. Like most people, I love avocados, but never have seen the blooms. That tree was a fast grower!! You do live in vegetable Eden. Plus chickens!! And a brother who fishes, and another who…..grows more vegetables! Bliss. (There is a bit of bliss here…we are finally getting some rain that will make a difference, and more on the way they say. Of course it always comes with storms, but what the heck. No destruction of anything yet locally.)

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