Snooping Around the Noyo Harbor

Sunday August 24, 2014 Fort Bragg CA.

An evening kayak in the Noyo Harbor

Two posts today

I left the Boonville cabin just after 12 noon and headed for the ocean. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, just go for a ride, or put my boat in the Navarro river or maybe check out the Noyo harbor? I’d figure it out when I got there.

Turned out, I decided to go for an evening kayak in the Noyo harbor. I arrived at the south harbor upper river ramp around four PM and put my boat in the water.

This was my view looking back at the boat ramp where I put my boat in the water.boatramp


I passed this harbor seal, while I was headed down to the harbor.seal


As I entered the harbor area, I could see the little blue boat was catching it from homeland security or was it the Coast Guard?guard


As I passed by them, I  heard the guy say, this time, I’m just going to give you a warning.

There wasn’t a lot going on today with the fishing boats, maybe because it was Sunday?

I paddled along checking things out, headed for the Noyo mouth


Of course, I was taking my time and stopping and sitting along the way. I spied this great blue heron up in a pine tree preening.heron


This is as far as I went as far as getting close to the ocean, it’s just out there past the cement jetty. I sat here for a bit, then turned and headed back to the harbor.ocean


My view of the harbor as I worked my way back up the river.christine


It was a bit overcast and foggy, but the wind was down so it was pretty nice out as I paddled along.harbor


A dock hand sits and waits for the next boat to come up to do some business. Things are slow.dockhand


When I arrived back at the Coast Guard boats, I saw these guys take the small blue boat over to a boat ramp, where a truck and trailer pulled it out of the water. The Coast Guard must have rescued the boat from the ocean earlier, as it didn’t appear to have any of it’s own power.

I stayed out of the way and waited while they maneuvered the big boat back to it’s mooring. It was a pleasure to watch these guys maneuver this big boat around.guardboat


I passed another great blue heron.blueheron


I snooped around in this side area for a bit, not much happening.docks


Just past that, I saw something move in the trees. It turned out to be this little heron, I think it is some kind of night heron, either a juvenile or a female or both?heron2


As I was coming back to the boat ramp area for the day, I saw a bunch of birds eating some fish scraps the fishermen had thrown on the rocks.

Some turkey vultures, seagulls and if you look close, you will see that one of the vultures is a black one and not a turkey vulture.vultures

I was off the water about 7:30PM and headed in the direction of home, about a two and a half hour drive from this spot.

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