Some Fog, Then the Sun Came Out at Jenner

Tuesday August 13, 2013 Jenner, CA.

I’m Tired of cool fog at Jenner lately

It has been mostly cool and foggy at Jenner lately and I was getting tired of it. It seemed cooler than even winter, so today I thought I’d go down and check it out and if it was cold and foggy, I’d return to Monte Rio to kayak in some sunshine.

When I arrived at Jenner around, …………..oh, I almost forgot, I took my van into the tire guys at eleven this morning and got some new tires on it, so it is well shoed now, then I went to Monte Rio to help a guy with his windows 8.1, but he wasn’t home, so on to Jenner around noon.

There was some fog pushing in at the river’s mouth and some fog coming over the hill from Goat Rock, but there was sun at Jenner in the middle of it all and it was not cold, just mild. A light breeze, very little wind and it got better as the day progressed.

So, I put my boat in the water and headed up to Eagle’s landing where I just sat around in my boat for a couple hours or so, just enjoying the nice day.

This fog upriver is coming over the hill from Goat rock. It’s sunny over my head, which is nice.fogview


And there was a little fog coming in over the rivers mouth, covering Jenner, but clear over my head, yea.jennerfog


After an hour or so, the fog started to move on out and the sun shined very nicely the rest of the day. Looking up river from Eagle’s landing, toward Bridge Heaven as the fog moved out.sunview


This egret was preening on the gravel bar below Paddy’s rock, across the river from me.egret


The day was so nice I mostly just sat around in my kayak until I got tired of that. :O) I then headed on down to the river’s mouth at a very leisurely pace.

This great blue heron was standing in the water as I went on by. I think this one is a female as it has pink stuff on the leading edge of it’s wings, which you can barely see.heron


This is the view I had as I went on past Jenner, note no wind and no fog and the sun was out. Great.Jenner


There were a bunch of birds on the west end of Penny Island. This seagull just caught a little crab in the water. Lots of these little crabs come into the river this time of year.seagullcrab


This is my view as I went past the west end of Penny Island heading towards the river’s mouth. Quite a few harbor seals are in the water today.view


As I approached the mouth area, these two merganser ducks scooted by me. The thing in the front ones mouth is some kind of snake fish and it was having a hard time getting it to go down. The second duck has it’s head under water, fishing.



As usual, there were quite a few birds resting at the river’s mouth. Here, a couple brown pelicans are coming in for a landing .birds


It was high tide and the foam was coming in off the ocean, so I sat in it for an hour or so watching things. This is my view as I sat there in my boat.



Turning around in my boat and looking up the river, this was my view, nice.view3


About five PM, I headed back toward the visitor’s center take out. Lot’s of birds were still on the west end of Penny Island, looking like this.islandbirds

I was off the water around six PM and headed on home, satisfied that I had gotten lucky with the fog today and it was a real nice day.

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