Some Forest Work While Waiting For the Rains To Start

Wednesday November 30, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Rain expected

Rain was expected to start this afternoon, so it was a good time to put some nitrogen out so the rain can wash it into the ground.Nitarogen1


Since I use a lot of wood chips for mulch, it’s important to add nitrogen as the woodchips tend to use it up while it’s making all the other nutrients decaying.

I put it on the ground around my mandarins and also on the avocado tree on the far lefttrees2


Blueberry patch

I also put a good dose of it on my blueberry bushes so, let it rain now.

Forest work

With  the rain coming late this afternoon, I decided to ride up into the hills to do some work.

Throwing rocks

I stopped here and walked up this road throwing rocks off the road. There were lots of them so it took me quite awhile, but now the road is a lot smoother for dirt bike riding.bike3


More rocking

Then I rode on up to where I was working on the pipeline trail and walked up this road a ways throwing the rocks off this road which pretty much tired me out.rocks11


Enjoying the forest

I walked up the pipeline trail intending to do some work on burying the pipe but I was already pooped from all the rocks I threw off the roads so I went up there and just sat down and enjoyed the forest.bike4


I did walk up the trail looking at what I had to do.trail5


Fixed a hole in the pipe

I knew there was a hole in the water line from a rodent so I brought up my black tape to seal it up, once I found it.hole6


There’s no water pressure in this pipe so I just used the black tape to seal it up.taped7


Had an idea

I thought I  had another hole someplace but couldn’t find it so I had an  idea. I’d shut the water off going to the water tanks at these valves just above the tanks to back up the spring water in the black pipe so more water should come out any holes in the pipe and I could find any more holes.valves8


Fixed this low spot

I did that and looked for more leaks once the pipe filled up with water, but I didn’t find any more holes, but I did find this  low spot in the pipe so I put some rocks under the pipe to bring it up to level. No deeps are allowed or an air bubble will form in the pipe stopping the water from flowing down into the tanks.pipe9


I shoveled enough dirt to bring the pipe up to level at this spot.dirt10


Where’s the rain

It was getting late but no rain yet, so I had worked hard enough for the day and rode on up to the hilltops to see where the rain was. It was getting close as I could see it just staring to come down in the hills to the west of me.bike13


I thought it might start raining any time but I still had time to go for a ride around the forest a bit so I rode up to this nice spot and enjoyed the day a bit.forest13


Headed for home

The rain held off so I was able to take my time as I worked my way home down this trail.trail14


The rain is coming but it’s still not raining after dark, but now it’s supposed to start sometime tonight. I’m ready for it.

Nice day.

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